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Johnny Rockets

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by magooq, May 25, 2004.

  1. magooq

    magooq Guest

    They make you pay now for this restaurant?
  2. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I think only some of the ships are charging. It's $3.95 for all you can eat (as long as you're eating in, malts and shakes not included). If you're doing take out, you get a sandwich and fries for $3.95.
  3. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Crown & Anchor members receive a coupon for a free visit, or so I'm told.

    You can find earlier threads on this topic that reveal a staggering array of theories about why this has come about. Everything from pure avarice on RCI's part to simple crowd control. The truth, I'm sure, involves a little bit of everything.

    We'll visit JRs at least once while we're on Mariner next week, mostly because my wife and I rarely treat ourselves to food like that, but God knows we love it. ;-)
  4. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Jenni-------> I'm curious to see if whether I'm taking out or hangin' out, what the price will be in JRs, on VOS.

    Actually though, that $3. 95 bottomless plate seems pretty nice

    cfurry...JRs is really loads of fun, especially when every single waiter and waitress gets up and starts dancing and singing, and the whole 50's atmosphere. Brugers and fries. True and real Americana. :thumb
  5. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    I can taste the onion rings now!! BTW, word is they created a hot fudge sundae especially for RCI...and yes, it's included in the surcharge.

    We are, as of this writing, less than four days away from finding out!
  6. Brad1185

    Brad1185 Guest

    Really, its included in the surcharge, wow, what a deal. You go from included to $3.95 and all of a sudden its a deal. With RCI including desert, especially one created especially for RCI, my opinion on the surcharge is changed. Oh by the way, I need some change, how about you give me five $5 dollar bills for a $20.
  7. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    cfurry..=rofl I read my last post.. I don't know what the heck a bruger is, but what the hay! :grin Let's see, the wife and I are about 6 days away from finding out. Trying to upstage us eh? :) sounds like that new one you mentioned is to die for! :thumb
  8. BP

    BP Guest

    I agree with Brad1185. How is it a good deal when it use to be free and now cost 3.95 .
    I hope that they add the usual 15% gratuaty to make it even a better deal.

    Now if they would only raise the cruise fares so I could get an even better deal.
  9. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Ah, few things get people's ire up like the infamous Johnny Rockets surcharge.

    As it turns out, the "it used to be free" argument ain't a great one, because it's not true. A while back, someone posted the original Johnny Rockets menu from RCI...one in which EVERYTHING carried a charge. Fries? $1.50. Onion rings? $2. Burger? $3.50. You paid for everything and anything.

    Apparently, that model was a flop, either due to guest complaints or a lack of business. So they opted to make it all free, except for the shakes. According to reports, that ended up attracting a ton of kids who ordered a ton of food and ate almost nothing, then were back an hour later to do the same thing. So it became both a money-loser (which we all pay for in the end) and an annoyance (ditto).

    So now they're going with this surcharge. Am I thrilled about it? Of course not. But it's not one of the things that makes my blood boil. See, I think I understand where RCI might be coming from on this -- it's a matter of economics and table turn-over -- and I'm certain they considered the guest relations headache they invited in implementing the surcharge.

    I imagine the cruise line that first introduced the "specialty restaurant" (those $20 per person themed dining rooms that you now find on practically every ship) took many an arrow in the early going. I mean, my God, cruise ship food was previously "free." What were they thinking? And yet, if you don't book your reservation at Chops or Portofino's in the first 24 hours on board, you'll be SOL. Amazing. All those people already paid for mountains of food to be served in the dining room, the buffet, the poolside cafe, room service, etc. Why should they be encouraged -- even expected -- to pay $20 per person to eat on the ship? And yet, incredibly, they do.

    The wonderful thing about Johnny Rockets is you only have to pay the surcharge if you visit the restaurant. So if the surcharge rubs you the wrong way, I recommend you don't go, and enjoy those burgers at the pool instead. Load them up with condiments and they're really not half bad. But be sure to enjoy them. After all, you didn't have to pay $4 to eat at the poolside cafe. You had to pay a hell of a lot more.
  10. Brad1185

    Brad1185 Guest

    The eight week test is up, apparently RCI does not have the whatever to come out and officially state the test stays or goes. I got tired of waiting to hear and just booked the Golden Princess for Sept 12 out of San Juan.

    Cfurry, you make some good points, I still think there should be some alternative RCI could do for the kids ordering too much rather than this. I was just as upset about the speciality restaurants for years. Vowed never to go. Stuck with that for years, and finally went last May, to Chops. Really enjoyed it, a cut above, and did not feel ripped by paying $20.00.

    I did not go back to Princess for years because they were charging for ice cream. But now compared to RCI's JR surcharge, the ice cream charge does not seem as bad. Now will have done 2 cruises on Princess since the JR thing started.

    We went on the Nav at the end of last May. We never saw any crowds, or lines. We went with our son at night and watched him eat those greasy burgers. Usually we were the only ones there.
  11. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    cfurry, you are always so eloquent! I jut love reading your take on things! :)

    I can't want to hear from both you and Ken about the Voyager class ships....I'm (not so) patiently counting down the days until my sail on the Mariner.....and we'll probably visit Johnny Rockets, $3.95 or not.

    BTW - if you want to see a thread that ruffled some feathers, go take a look at the one entitled "formal nights" on the Carnival board.
  12. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Thanks for the kind comments, Lizardstew. I promise to report on our Mariner cruise in excruciating detail when we return!

    And Brad, I completely agree with you that there must be an alternative to keeping unescorted kids out of JRs other than charging $4 per person. (Why not just mandate that anyone 16 and under must be accompanied by parents?) Again, I suspect it's a combination of things that led them to implement the surcharge. Some financial, some not. But hey, it is what it is. Clearly it's had an impact on your subsequent cruise purchases, and perhaps if more folks voted with their wallets, as you have, the lines will rethink their approach to situations like this. I mean, I don't mind paying a little extra up front, say $20 per person, if it buys me unlimited use of JRs, Ben & Jerrys and Seattle's Best on board. Just easier that way.

    I do appreciate the cruise@ddicts boards and all the opinions that fly back and forth. I find it actually adds to my enjoyment of the cruise experience, and serves to get me geared up for our impending cruise (as if I needed it). I find the folks on these boards are helpful and considerate, which is another plus. Hopefully there are cruise line reps reading these posts and taking note of what is and isn't working with their product -- so all this pontificating isn't in vain!

    Hope everyone has a terrific week. We'll talk to you on the flip side of this cruise!
  13. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    It's almost time for a cruise =bigwave
    You won't have to wait much longer now :thumb And with your attitude I know you are going to have a wonderful cruise. Have some onion rings for me, I thought they were so good, when we came home I stayed away from the =scales :lol in case I don't get the chance before you go I just wanted to say Bon Voyage and I can't wait to hear all about when you get back :wave :dance :wave :dance :wave :dance :wave

    =bigwave =bigwave

    edited to fix an emoticon.

    Post Edited (05-28-04 10:24)
  14. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    5 days and counting for Voyager. The seconds are turning to hours now. My wife called RC last night and asked about a sir charge :lol on VOS for JRs, much to my dismay, they said there is none. I don't know what's to be yet on Voyager.

    Laurie...I'll squeeze in a ring or two for you too, so not to worry! :lol But Johnny Rockets is definatly a stop if at least once. It'll have to be hangin' out instead of takin' out, I ain't about to miss the dancing waiters and waitresses!

    Jenni, Jenni, Jenni. so ya want me take on the Voyager class ships don't yeh! ARGG!! :lol Ya want the New York Review? :lol

    P.S. A Sir Charge is when they charge only the men. :spank
  15. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Ken, I wouldn't have it any other way! =lolgang
  16. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Thanks Laurie! My wife and I have been "in training" for the past couple of months and have gotten down to a nice low pre-cruise weight. All because we anticipate the effects of the wonderful food that awaits us -- from breakfast through dessert at dinner, and perhaps beyond. ;-)

    We'll definitely be posting a review. Now I just need to learn how to spice up my postings with those emoticons!

    Thanks again!
  17. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest


    click on this..

  18. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    OMG, I almost forgot you are going to be leaving us for a cruise also :dance :dance Thank you for having some of those rings for me, that way I won't have to worry about the extra weight :lol The boards won't be the same with out you and your sense of humor :grin But seriously I hope you and your wife have the time of your life, enjoy your cruise :wave :dance :wave :dance :wave :dance
    =bigwave :party =bigwave
  19. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Aw thanx Laurie!! All those little dudes just kill me. their so cute. :grin Well, thanx so much Laurie.. That's real special. BUT!!!! I'm gonna have me a looksee about "puter" time on Voyager and I'll be sure to drop in as much as my wallet will allow.

    Thank you so much for the well wishes and I'm going to have a nice review and lotsa pix, I can't wait to share! I'll be in touch with you and everyone!!

    TTYL! :wave
  20. Marklee

    Marklee Guest

    I have a big family and we are going in three weeks. We can't afford $3.95 per person for each visit just to eat at Johnny Rockets. We will go to the buffet for free and we want to make a statement.

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