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Johnny Rockets

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by magooq, May 25, 2004.

  1. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I agree Marklee...in reality, I think maybe two visits max will do it. I say two days being this cruise is 9 days.
  2. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    Is there a Johnny Rockets on the Monarch?
  3. Griffen

    Griffen Guest

    Think of it this way- Would you rather RCL have charged for JR's all along?

  4. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Nope, unfortunately not! I think they are only found on the Voyager class ships.
  5. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    I just wanted to bring this back to the top as cfurry should be returning from the Mariner today to give us the real, and hopefully final, scoop on the costs at JR's. I just want to be prepared for whatever it is for our trip on the Navigator on August 7th. My wife expects to go there each day for a chocolate shake. She loves them and admitedly, I do too!

    It just seems that around $16 to $17 a day for two chocolate shakes is a little outrageous. If our two adult sons go with us and get shakes too, then it is double.
  6. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Hey Jeff! I'm anxious to hear the report also for my Mariner cruise in October. Keep in mind, though, that they have always charged for shakes and malts. Even when the food was free there was still an extra charge for shakes. :)
  7. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    I am aware of the charges for shakes and deserts. I am cool with that. I guess I have to accept the rest of it as well since Royal isn't going to change if for little old me. Convincing the wife to have a few less shakes will be the challenge.
  8. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Hi folks. We just got back from our cruise on Mariner. I have yet to post a full review, but rest assured I'll do it soon enough.

    As for JRs, my wife and I visited it once. The hamburgers were tasty and we polished off two baskets of the excellent fries and onion rings. i wrapped up the meal with the oreo sundae hot fudge sundae, which also was excellent.

    The servings were a bit smaller than we anticipated, but that was fine because of the non-stop onslaught of food available throughout the ship. My wife and I actually split a burger (she wasn't very hungry after the fries and rings), so the waiter only charged us for one surcharge. I had the sundae all to myself, as my wife isn't a chocolate fan. The vanilla ice cream used in the sundae was delicious, and there was plenty of oreo bits throughout. The hot fudge sits at the bottom and serves as a rich, warm finish to the dessert.

    JRs is ideal for families with kids (it's located adjacent to the Adventure Ocean facility) and for adults who don't mind ambient noise. This is because noise is definitely a factor at JRs. The music is loud and it bounces off the hard surfaces of the diner. When the wait staff sings along to a featured song ("Love Shack" by the B-52s was the number they sang while we were there), the music actually throttles from simply loud to outright blaring. It was impossible to speak at normal conversation volume in this restaurant. To make matters worse, JRs is situated directly beneath the sport court, so the shrill music was joined by the constant pounding, slamming, and heavy footfalls of the basketball and volleyball players just above our heads. It required no small effort to concentrate on our meal and get out of there without a headache.

    For those who prefer a quieter meal, be sure to arrive during non-peak times and request a booth out on deck, just outside the main restaurant. You'll get the joy of JR's unhealthy but tasty food, but without the sensation that someone strapped a boombox to your head and then dribbled a basketball off your noggin for 30 minutes.

    For the record, my daughter and her friend (both 18) visited JRs a couple of times, enjoyed the food immensely, and raved about their other dessert: apple pie a la mode. While the girls shared our observations about the volume, the atmosphere wasn't a deterrent to their returning.

    Again, more Mariner info is forthcoming when I can sit down and write the full review!
  9. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Welcome back cfurry!

    I expect the trip was fantastic!!

    I was just curious if the Hot Fudge Sundae was included or did it cost extra?

    Thanks and I look forward to your review of the Mariner!
  10. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Hi Jeff. Yes, the desserts are included in the surcharge. However, they do charge extra for all drinks except water (even iced tea, which is free elsewhere on the ship), and they charge for shakes.
  11. Bob P

    Bob P Guest

    Hi cfurry, and welcome back!

    One more question: if you have a soda card, do you still have to pay for sodas in JRs?

    I look forward to your full review!

  12. cfurry

    cfurry Guest


    I'm not sure about that. I suspect that if you present a soda card, you'll be okay for sodas, iced tea, and lemonade. Shakes are always extra, soda card or not.

    We bought soda cards for my daughter and her friend, and neither of them were with us when we visited JRs. So I got a diet coke (tried to minimize the damage) and my wife ordered an ice water, as she tends to avoid soft drinks.

    The waiter, who was very nice, only charged us for one person, since we ordered a single hamburger with the intentionof splitting it. He brought us two burgers instead (they're not huge), but only billed us for one surcharge, and of course for the soda. I ordered the oreo sundae, and my wife ordered nothing for dessert. The waiter's gratuity is included in the surcharge, but honestly, it's nothing...something like 40 cents. So we tipped him a few extra dollars as a thank you.

    Even if you don't have a soda card or if they don't honor them at JRs, the soda charge is minimal...about $1.90. Don't let it ruin your visit. The noise, I think, was a much more significant factor for us.
  13. marklee43

    marklee43 Guest

    If i go to JR and order milk shake only do i have to pay $3.95 extra? I don't want any onion rings or fries.
  14. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    I don't have the answer to the milk shake question, but Royal does say that if you want carry out they will give you a burger and an order of fries for that $3.95. There goes the concept that it was to control crowds and reduce teens from going in and camping out.
  15. areaman

    areaman Guest

    When I went on the Mariner in January 2004 the food was free and you know the tale on shakes and malts. The only times I noticed lines was on sea days and people wanted something to do. We went at night because my Mother in law wanted to go and I watched her nibble at the onion rings and fries. The staff sang and danced to the juke box songs and took requests. My wife and I went to lunch and it was a 15 minute wait. It was a lot more fun at night. I don't like the trend toward charging for food especially for burgers! I voted with my feet and booked on the Carnival Valor for my next trip.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    am i understanding this correctly the diner johnny rockets that my sister told me about has a sir charge. i hope it does not have an extra charge on the mariner of the seas that is really disappointing. my sister was on the adventure of the seas and she was on the exployer of the seas and the voyager and said it was free. have things changed. sure hope not. i certainly willnot visit that restaurant if there is an extra fee.
  17. bicker

    bicker Guest

    Someone speculated that they're trying out the surcharge on a few ships before making the change fleet-wide. They're testing the waters (pardon the pun) to see if customers would be generally receptive to paying a bit extra for this special experience.

    I'm not sure I would, unless I really wanted a good hamburger and there was no other place on board to get it. The ambiance and atmosphere of Johnny Rockets may be worth the surcharge to folks looking for something like that, but I think I'd be happier with someplace a bit quieter anyway. To each his/her own.

    I agree that cfurry that it would probably be best to not let the surcharges that RCI assesses ruin our trip. Apparently, right now, that's the best way for RCI to operate, rather than simply building more of these costs into the price of the cruise itself. I especially resonate with JeffC's info that the Johnny Rockets surcharge is more a matter of crowd (and specifically, teen) control than revenue enhancement. I can imagine that without the surcharge, someone like me may not even have the choice of whether I want to have dinner there.
  18. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    To answer Sunnyday's question, yes, there is a surcharge. It's $3.95 per person for the food and desserts, and they charge extra for drinks and shakes.

    We tried it, enjoyed the food, and didn't return. Honestly, there is just so much food on the ship that's included in your fare that it's tough for me to frequently pay additional fees -- even $4 a person -- to eat.

    Our daughter visited twice, and she swears by the apple pie. Of course, on the second visit, she used our "free JRs visit" coupons from our Crown & Anchor coupon book, but I think she'd planned to visit them again anyway. We told her we'd pay for one visit per day, and she only visited twice, so that might tell you something.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    so funny, and so true , bp

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    cfurry thank-you . hope that isn't the new trend in cruising because that is the one thing our familly enjoyed about cruising. the fact that everything was inclusive you give them an inch and they will take it much further i am very disappointed and i will let rccl know how i feel about this trend.

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