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Johnny Rockets

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by magooq, May 25, 2004.

  1. On the other hand....we're all for the surcharge in JR if it reduces and amount of wasted food, wait times, and teens using it as a hang-out. JUST MY OPINION FOLKS :)
  2. bicker

    bicker Guest

    In the end, there will always be a give-and-take between "all-inclusive" and surcharges. There are definite advantages and disadvantages of each. In a way, I think they'd be far better abandoning the whole "all-inclusive" claim, and letting us pick-and-choose which bits of their service we want, so we only pay for what we want. For folks who don't need all that food (as if *anyone* actually NEEDS a midnight buffet! <grin>) we could save a bit of money by opting out of that. Of course, we've also already discussed the advantage of surcharges in a case like Johnny Rockets, where it cuts down on crowding a very popular option.
  3. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    And the debate continues...

    Stay tuned till next time when Royal Caribbean establishes a 10 cent surcharge to use the bathroom!
  4. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    LOL Jeff.. I just want to mirror my post a little bit back, but on the cruise i took on Voyager, their deal is all the food is inclusive except for the soft drinks and shakes.

    However, I did order a chocolate coke milkshake and my server gave me a free refill.

    These are the only things they charged for. I asked him abou the surcharge and his response was it was put in place for crowd control and not so much profit. More specifically for the kiddies that would use this place as a hang out.

    So that's the deal with Voyager. :thumb
  5. BELMONT148

    BELMONT148 Guest

    Just got back from the Explorer on sunday and there was no charge at JR. This was the highlight of my trip. My wife and I love their cheese fries and I was so worried I was going to drop a small fortune in this place. If you want to avoid the surcharge just book a cruise on the explorer.
  6. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Jeremy...on Explorer, there was no surcharge for soft drings or milkshakes?
  7. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    OH who cares!!!!!!!!! Johnny Rockets is soooo good! AND YOUR ON VACATION! you pay more to go and eat at McDonalds! who cares about a stupid little surcharge! What is 3.95 when you now get everything free, it used to be that you only got certain items free, and you had to pay for milkshakes and stuff, but now EVERYTHING is free. Stop complaining and have a good vacation, a vacation is not supposed to be compromised from a little surcharge like that! GET OVER IT and HAVE FUN!

  8. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    But everything is not FREE. Sodas and milk shakes still cost. So, you are paying the $3.95 plus another $4.50 or more for a milk shake. When you take a family of 4 to get a milk shake and burgers with fries you are now paying more than $40 for that visit. McDonalds never cost that much for 4 people!
  9. bicker

    bicker Guest

    McDonalds isn't Johnny Rockets. Not by a long-shot.

    Regardless, the surcharge helps keep the crowding there down, and I'm all for that.
  10. MrsPete

    MrsPete Guest

    I don't believe that the surcharge has anything to do with crowd control!

    If crowd control were the real problem, they'd have people make reservations instead of allowing people to walk right in. Or they'd do what Disney does for their character breakfasts and "Tea with Wendy" meals: they'd issue tickets -- one per person. Either of these would prevent kids from coming in, ordering unwanted food, and sitting around.
  11. bicker

    bicker Guest

    It's much easier to effect crowd control with a surcharge.
  12. Agree Bicker! Of course if they moved it's location, that too may help with crowd control. We have never eaten at JR and are looking forward to it next week :)
  13. Brad1185

    Brad1185 Guest

    What the heck is Ashley talking about?
  14. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Ashley's just another person that likes to chastise people for having an opinion. Again, and for the last freakin' time, none of it is free, it's included. There is a difference. When you book a cruise and do so with the belief that something's included, it tends to get up your nose a bit when the rules get changed.
  15. ssca

    ssca Guest

    My 2cents: I really did not see any huge crowds at JRs,in fact when we were there we were the only ones outside and 1 group inside. I think it was even a seaday.The service was very slow!!! It really is in an out of the way location also. If you were not going up to the sports deck on the outside you would never see it. They won't charge you if your not eating or if you split something with someone and my son ordered a chocolate milkshake and they said they were out of it and this was the 1st part of the week.We never went back,but I still got the onion rings from the head waiter in windjammer!!
  16. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Whew! that's in stark contrast to VOS western carib sailing. On sea days my god the wait was sometimes 45 mins. Whew! I just went somewhere else. I made my daily visit usually after midnight. The wait? What wait? There were about 10 people in the joint!
  17. BELMONT148

    BELMONT148 Guest

    There was the usual charge for drinks and milkshakes, but most of the time they would not charge us for a cherry coke. The only time they charged me was if we ordered a milkshake with the cherry coke. I guess the waiter did not want to ring up just a $1.50 coke, or maybe it was because we always tipped them well and they just wanted to help us out any way they could. We also tipped the bar staff well a few times and it always payed off with free drinks by the pool and in the night club. One night 4 of us drank at the pool for about two hours and only spent $9.00. Sometimes it pays off to chat with the bartenders and give them a few extra dollars. If they like you they will take care of you.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    really ;i think it is wrong to charge a nominal fee for the hamburgers in the diner johnny rockets and if rccl's pr group is reading these posts one person has already turned to carnival cruises because of the surcharge. If rccl is testing the waters i hope they will consider not chargeing this nominal fee in the future.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    hope they test the waters fast before my cruise in october 2005. because a surcharge in a diner is not something i would like to condone for the future trend in crusing and also as suggested to cut out the midnight buffet ,or promote a pay as you go cruise experience ,would end my cruise days altogether . hope rccl reconsiders this surcharge.in the diner johnny rockets.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    and thats how it should be no charge for the restaurant diner johnny rockets on all the ships. lets all e-mail rccl and tell them to reconsider this charge since they are testing the waters as some say

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