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Johnny Rockets

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by magooq, May 25, 2004.


    SUNNYDAY Guest

    no ,they usually do go else where when they are dissatisified but phenixcruiser is the only one who agrees with your views as you can see in her earlier posts. and rccl does suggest that almost everything is included in your cruise fare. phenox cruiser suggests that she is all for the surcharge if it reduces waste and a hangout for the teens i suppose that noise is an issue. i would also like to point our that phenox cruiser tips fifty percent. very generous .although i do not share your opinion i do respect it..
  2. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Bicker, why is it silly to say it's a money grab? I understand they're in business to make money. I doubt many of us would be able to afford to go if we didn't understand the principles behind profit.... My point is that all the reasons that RCCL gives to support charging this fee amount to smoke and mirrors. They are trying to make money on this surcharge, and that's all it's about. There's nothing wrong with that, unless people booked with the understanding that it was included (as opposed to free, which nothing is!).
  3. bicker

    bicker Guest

    "no ,they usually do go else where when they are dissatisified"

    There is no reason to believe that this is the case.

    "but phenixcruiser is the only one who agrees with your views as you can see in her earlier posts"

    Actually, I'm not espousing views: I'm explaining the reality of business. It isn't really a matter of agree or disagree. It is the way it is. Businesses will operate in the best interests of their owners.

    "rccl does suggest that almost everything is included in your cruise fare"

    Read their materials again, more carefully. They are very clear about there being surcharges for things like specialty restaurants. Very clear. Very explicit. And there is not one mention of the cruise being "all-inclusive" or anything like that.
  4. bicker

    bicker Guest

    "why is it silly to say it's a money grab?"

    Because it implies nefarious intent where there is none.

    "I understand they're in business to make money."

    'nuf sed.

    "My point is that all the reasons that RCCL gives to support charging this fee amount to smoke and mirrors."

    First of all, companies aren't in any way obligated to explain their pricing decisions to anyone. Indeed, the information on which such decisions are based are considered proprietary. They wouldn't share them publicly under any circumstances.

    Second, RCI hasn't officlally provided any of the explanations we're discussing here. It is all hearsay and speculation.
  5. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    What about third? The part where when you booked it was included, then afterwards, it wasn't? No clever retort for that one?
  6. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    Damn haven;t seen anyone blame it on Carnival yet, they usually do that on the other boards.


    SUNNYDAY Guest

    oh well maybe they will reconsider this charge since they do not charge on the explorer of the seas they may find to many dissatifified customers and find the xtra revenue isn't worth the loss of business as in an earlier post where someone decided to book a cruise on princess because of the xtra charges . Wait until berlitz cruise book comes out next year with the new addition and they find out about the new surcharge news maybe that will make a difference to rccl. i am sure they will not condone this , nor will they write about this situation in johnny rockets in a complimentary manner.
  8. Brad1185

    Brad1185 Guest

    Im doing all I can, and have booked 2 Princess cruises. If not for the charges, we would have taken the two cruises with RCCL Being into cruises, lots of friends ask me which cruises I would recommend. I have also turned away 5 families that were considering RCCL..

    Sure I play it up a little, but look at the misinformation RCI gave out on why they did the extra charge. also it was an 8 week test, 15 weeks ago. After I explain the extra charge, then tell them what they have done to lunch where the menu is the same through out the cruise. Then I throw in a few of the other changes and cut backs, they are gone. Works like a charm.

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    cornhoiqo ,lol. and fourth why charge on one ship and not on the other for the same service and the same product. oh, i forgot they do not have to explain themselves to us, the consumer, i think your wrong bicker we are rccl. and when a business forgets that the customer is # 1. and there concerns matter ,they will not longer survive.
  10. bicker

    bicker Guest

    "i think your wrong bicker"

    The feeling is mutual! <grin> I rely on my career as a management consultant. What are you relying on?

    Look, I know folks find the situation upsetting. It would be nice to believe that the customer is almighty, and the "Quality is Free." I spread Crosby's teachings to many major companies when I was a consultant. What we learned, the hard way, is that it was bull. Nothing, in business, can be taken on faith. There are real answers. There are limits to how much satisfying the customer is "worth."

    One of the first winners of the National Quality Award was Wallace Industries. They had the best program for customer satisfaction any of the judges had ever seen. They went out of business within a year of winning the award.
  11. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Bicker, I think RCCL's attitude does mirror your's, and that's sad. You still haven't addressed my question. Would you consider it "nefarious intent" to start charging people for a product that was advertised as included when a customer initiallly bought the product? Before you say it, sure we could change to a different cruise, but after you've booked flights, hotels, etc, it's a problem to change everything. I can tell you for a certainty that we will not book RCCL going forward, because we don't know what they'll start charging for after we book.
  12. astlouis

    astlouis Guest

    This is solely my opinion on the Johnny Rockets issue, and as we know opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one ( and the a-hole doesn't mean that any of you fine folks are one). First of all when I go on a cruise it is to relax, relax, relax. It is my choice where I want to eat, where I want to sit and what I want to drink. So they charge for Johnny Rockets, but they also charge for Portifino's and Chops and how many of you pay that $20.00 per person to go to those two restaurants. Personally I would rather pay $3.95 vs $20.00. Why doesn't anyone bring up an issue about those two restaurants. For a family of four you are forking out $80.00 the same price for four at Johnny Rockets will run you about $40.00 at most. That is a difference. Let's face it folks go once to J.R.'s, that is all you have to do and just have fun the rest of the time.

    I will still go to J.R's despite the surcharge. I am on vacation. I always went late at night anyway so the crowd issue was never a problem, just the heartburn from eating those two Chilli Dogs at midnight ( mmmmmmmmmm:) ). Hell I figure for $3.95 they should give me the glass, in fact I know the should give me the glass......LOL.

    Just have fun folks......Let us bring out =whiteflag and let this issue rest. Just remember this was my =twocents on the matter. So please don't go and get :mad at me.

    =twobeer Drink =gulp and be Happy :party and enjoy your Cruise=sailor =lolgang.

    =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave
  13. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    The only reason that I'm annoyed about JR's is that when I booked, it was considered included in the cost. Chops & Portofino's were not. Now, after I pay my money, RCCL announces that JR's is now available at an additional cost. If JR's had been advertised as having a surcharge when I booked, no problem at all. It's not really going to have a big impact on me, because I doubt we'll eat there. It's more the principle of the thing that aggravates me. As far as having fun and relaxing, I'm GONNA have fun! :)

    Post Edited (07-06-04 13:38)

    SUNNYDAY Guest

    so time will tell. rccl should not charge on some ships and not others for the same product. we will see what the future holds for these surcharges hope they are not a future trend in the crusing industry. we the majority of people patronize the cruise industry are not happy. thats enough about johnny rockets time will tell . that should be the main concern of rccl. not 3.95 for a hamburger.
  15. bicker

    bicker Guest

    "Bicker, I think RCCL's attitude does mirror your's, and that's sad."

    Well that's convenient, since I was simply explaining RCI's perspective. I don't have an attitude on this issue, myself. I tend not to make value-judgements about things which have a more objective basis, such as business decisions.

    "You still haven't addressed my question. Would you consider it 'nefarious intent' to start charging people for a product that was advertised as included when a customer initiallly bought the product?"

    If they say, "Your fare include all drinks," that's one thing. If they say, "Currently, drinks are included. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice," that's something completely different.

    If you have, in writing from RCI, that specifically Johnny Rockets will be included, then you have a case. I suspect, however, that RCI was never that definitive. They say, "The cruise vacation does not include specialty restaurants," and can therefore define "specialty restaurants" to mean whatever is appropriate at the time. That means that they could legitimately reconfigure the main dining room into two dining rooms, a regular always-casual one, and a smaller, more formal, more up-scale one, and charge extra for the latter. You may want to see that as a change to what they promised, even though it isn't. That's why it is critically important that you understand what you're buying when you buy something, so you don't set yourself up for disappointment due to unsubstantiable expectations.

    "I can tell you for a certainty that we will not book RCCL going forward, because we don't know what they'll start charging for after we book."

    Nor any other cruise line. And that's really the point. These companies are operating in accordance with the best interests of their owners, as they are required by their fiduciary responsibility. Switching away from one supplier because they are operating as a business seems strange to me, especially since the other suppliers only have the advatage of not having had your business before. There is therefore no reason to think they'd actually engage in practices you'd actually *prefer*! Indeed, sometimes, the "devil you know" is far better than the "devil you don't know."

    My advice to you is that if any aspect of a service is so important that you'll get upset enough about it to be truly dissatisfied overall, make sure you have it in writing, from the other cruise line you switch to for your next cruise, that they'll satisfy this specific issue the way you want them to.

    Post Edited (07-07-04 04:51)
  16. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    This is just funny now!
  17. bicker

    bicker Guest

    Rather than simply "argumentative and contrary"?
  18. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Oh no. It remains that as well. Do you really think people come here for a business lesson?
  19. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Bicker, you are the mostly aptly named individual on this board! :)

    Obviously, you're not going to change my mind, and I'm not going to change your's. I will say that while this surcharge annoys me, it's not upset me to the point of being dissatisfied overall. In fact, I find singing waiters and the like to be something of a dork-fest. :) I just find that I don't agree with the business practice of including something then changing it after customers have paid the fare. You can talk all day about "Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice," but all that does in my mind is cover them legally. It does not cover them ethically or morally. But, having learned this lesson, I will definitely be a little more extensive in my homework next time.
  20. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Well said Cornhogio.

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