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june 25 fishing in ketchikan

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by audrey, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. audrey

    audrey Guest

    Anyone out there that will be in Ketchikan on June 25 and would like to go fishing we are looking for a few more people to join us it is much chaper then signing on with the ship email me and I will give you details.
  2. Don_

    Don_ Guest

    My son and I are booked on Captain Larry's charter on that date for noon. The cost is $135 pp for 1/2 day.

    Maybe they can work something out.

  3. boatluvr

    boatluvr Guest

    You might want to try Tovya Fishing Charters in Ketchikan.

    Ray Kolean is the owner of a very nice 30ft + boat and he often puts unrelated groups together. His email is: rkolean@kpunet.net
    Phone is: (907) 225-2031

    When I went fishing with him - he had checked out fish locations the night before so he knew where we should go to find halibut. I caught 2!!
  4. kana

    kana Guest

    Bummer......We will be there 2 days before you on the 23rd.

    Have fun!

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