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June 5th Cruise/ Red October

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Vancouver, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Vancouver

    Vancouver Guest

    Anyone have a Red October tour set up yet? We are interested if you need two more to fill your group.

    Also have two nights to spend in Dover. Any good suggestions on where to stay?
  2. Ottawa_Guy

    Ottawa_Guy Guest

    Would you be on the Constellation ?

    My wife and I will be on board on that date .

    If so any idea what the cost of that tour would be ?
  3. Vancouver

    Vancouver Guest

    Hello to Ottawa Guy

    Yes, we are scheduled to be on the June 5th sailing of the Constellation which will put us in St Petersburg on June 10 and 11. I have made an initial contact with Red October and they are setting up a program for two days of touring. Have heard very good things about these people and their prices have got to be better than the cruise tours. And a visa is not necessary when you travel on their program.

    We have learned from experience that the best way to do a land tour is on your own. The ship tours are usually a rip-off !

    Will keep in contact with you when more info available. They have already supplied me with several other names who are also interested. A full van for them is 10 people.

    Tim Stremel
  4. Ottawa_Guy

    Ottawa_Guy Guest

    Thank you for your reply and yes please keep me informed about the Tour .
    Would the cost be cheaper then the Ship ?

    Very much looking forward to this Tour . Only 103 days to go .
  5. Vancouver

    Vancouver Guest

    Ottawa Guy

    Have information on the program that Red October offers. We are going to sign up for it. I wil forward it on to you if you wish. It is much cheaper than the ship tour. Read for ;yourself and decide.

    I will need you email address. Send it to me direct at stremel2@aol.com

    Tim Stremel
  6. loriaj

    loriaj Guest

    Hi--I bet you have already departed from the States. If not, can you send me info on Red October? I have tried to contact them with no luck. We are on a July 8 cruise and will be in St. Petersburg on July 12 & 13.



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