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Just back from Caribbean Princess (website w/photos)

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by adwalsh, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. adwalsh

    adwalsh Guest

    My hubby and I just sailed the Caribbean Princess (11/19-11/26/05. We've just uploaded a lot of pictures from our cruise to our personal website. We stayed in a mini-suite on the Dolphin deck (D710). We included several pictures of our cabin and views from our uncovered balcony.


    There are a total of 4 pages of photos. If you want to enlarge a particular photo, click on that specific photo.

  2. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Very nice photos! :thumb I'll be on an Eastern Caribbean cruise in April and will be going to St. Thomas and St. Maarten also. One comment though, that first picture of MUTS looks a little Greasy to me. :lol
  3. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    Love the photos. Thanks for sharing! I sent you an e-mail with a question about the Caribbean Princess! Thanks in advance for your comments!:AL:USA
  4. Wuollebear

    Wuollebear Guest

    Thanks for sharing the pics! It takes me back to this last April when we were in the Eastern Caribbean and gives me a BAD case of cruise itch. We have been wanting to try the Caribbean Princess. We are sailing the Freedom next and then I think we'll try the C. Princess. I hope you posted a review.
  5. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    Thank you for the many good photos to view. We will be on the Caribbean this fall for our first Princess cruise. I 'm hopeful this will get our cruising juices flowing again after a disastrous cruise last year.

  6. Kathy & Dave

    Kathy & Dave Guest

    Nice pics! Now that they have installed the movie screen, they must not have a retractable roof over any of the pools. Can you confirm this? I will miss the roof over the pool. It was nice in rainy or windy weather.

  7. Corky

    Corky Guest

    Awesome pictures...thanks for sharing them with us.
  8. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Gr8 =photo and thanx for sharing them with ALL of US. If U get a chance perhaps I can persuade U to upload them to the Cruise @ddicts =photo gallery as they would be a Gr8 addition for future cruisers on the Caribbean P that might NOT see them if they do NOT see this thread. :thumb Thanx again for taking the time and posting.

  9. Brianshnj

    Brianshnj Guest

    Thanks for sharing your great pics of this ship and ports of call. I am going on this ship in March with my wife and daughter. Your pics are the best view of the ship that I have seen.
    Thanks Brian
  10. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    Excellent photos!
    We are staying in a mini-suite on this ship in October and it was nice to see how the room looks.
    Thanks for sharing!
  11. maria

    maria Guest

    :wave Thanks for posting the pics. We will be taking our first Princess cruise in July on the new Crown. (we are loyal RCI & Celebrity cruises) We are very ancious to try Princess. We also booked a mini suite and the pictures made me excited. Can't wait. Thanks again :wave
  12. SailorSam

    SailorSam Guest

    Terrific photos. We're cruising again on the Caribbean Princess in August. Looking at these photos, we can hardly wait.
  13. Kathy & Dave

    Kathy & Dave Guest

    Awesome pictures! Are you a professional photographer? If not, you should be! You really captured the "staggered balcony" views. I'm sure many people will be thankful for such nice photos!
  14. madaamt

    madaamt Guest

  15. rgo6185

    rgo6185 Guest

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!
  16. Wow! Those photographs are so professional looking! (perhaps you are a professional photographer?) In any case, thank you so much for sharing them with us all.....they were a really a joy to go through and look at. Makes me want to try out Princess for the MUTS and that aft pool area~~~both look incredible. I helped my my friend book the Caribbean Princess for this coming June (will be her 1st cruise) so I'm going to email her with the link. I'm sure she'll very much appreciate looking. Thanks again!
  17. kruznut

    kruznut Guest

    :wave Those seem to be professional quality photos and very beautiful ! Thanx for sharing.
  18. socoblue

    socoblue Guest

    :S I am currently booked on the crown princess I have the same cabin .How was the open balcony? Did you enjoy it?
  19. Seabeacon

    Seabeacon Guest

    Those are excellent pics!

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