Just Booked the Ruby!


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April 14, 2013 sailing. Managed to get my favorite cabin and we are excited! Anyone wanna go with us? DD and I would love to have you at our dining room table. If you can tolerate this OF for 7 days, you will likely have a lifelong friend.


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Congratulations on the booking. The Ruby is a wonderful ship. Wish I could go and we would be happy to make a new friend.


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LOVED THE RUBY!! I would say yes, but, we have a new arrival to our family due at the end of Sept...and our future plans are now up in the air. Woo!!
Never cruised before, thinking of booking Ruby for November. I can't make head nor tail of the cabins, which are the best mini staterooms to book?


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Been on the Ruby twice and had 2 great cruises, the Captain and Staff Captain were the same on both trips Tony Yeomans and Gavin Pears. We had the same cabin on both cruises which you have to pass in order to get out onto the bridge deck on the port side L106.

If you have not been on the ship before hopefully you will enjoy it.