Just got off the Dawn today



We did get on before 1:00. Are you flying in or are you going by bus? We had a bus. We got on so early that our cabin stewart was still working on preping the rooms.


I am going on my first cruise on the Dawn on 9/26. I have some pretty basic crusing questions that I hope you can help me with.

1. What do they offer to drink if you do not choose soda or alchohol. Do they have iced tea or something?

2. What is the best area on the ship to be. (Front, Back, Middle)

3. Did they dock at the port in Nassau or did you have to tender in to shore?

4. Did you enjoy your cruise?

5. Tell me anything that you think I should know before I go.

Thanks so much.


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Hi, How did you get off before the Dawn landed Sunday in NYC? I sail in Oct and I cant wait! I am confused about the shuttle service in Miami from ship to South Bch, I see a schedule from the ship but what about returning? I assume it runs til at least 5pm! How was the shows? thanks BK


They have ice tea available and water in the machines, it is good it is filtered. In the morning they have orange juice, and cranberry juice. I was on the 11th deck and near the rear of the ship and it wasnt rocky at all, my sister was near the front of the ship on the 10th and that was also fine. They docked in Nassau, and dont make the same mistake we did, get off the ship early if your not doing any kind of excursions, we didnt get off unti 10 and had to be back on by 2, we went over to Atlantis on out own. If you decide to do this, take a taxi for $4.00 we took the ferry over and the problem was we had to wait for them to fill the ferry so we wasted 30 to 45 minutes, and the other thing is , when you take the ferry it is a very long walk to Atlantis.

I have to tell you if I could I would be back on the ship ASAP I cant say anything bad about it at all, we had the best time, the food was great, the rooms are beautiful and the staff is very nice.

Also another hint, they sell these lottery kind of tickets called Krack-its, buy them you win money and they have a grand prize of a free cruise, I won a $1000.00 on my last day, what a way to end a fantastic time, the $1000 to away for another cruise.

You will have a great time and you will not regret it at all., just relax and enjoy/


I heard the bathrooms have dividers, can you see through the dividers or not? I'm going with 2 other girlfriends and you know how we spend forever in the bathroom, I was just curious if one of us could be showering while another ones using the sink and I'm sure the 3rd one would have to use the bathroom all at the same time LOL. I will be in a regular balcony room. On the TV's can you book shore excursions? Do they show you excursions on a certain channel? How was the private island?? Do you know how much it was to Parasail on the private island single/tandem? I'm sure I'll think of other questions after I hit post. I'm leaving October 3rd!!!


Hi Everyone!
Well if you want to book your shore excursions just go to NCL's website, and there's a place were you can click on shore excursions, If i were you i would book them before you get on the ship, less of a hassle and they will have all your excursion info. on the cruise documents when you get 'em in the mail. Whatever you do choose them before the cruise. Alot of people wait till they get there and by then there all sold out and you might have to do something thats your 2nd choice. Parasailing in the private island is $79. if you decied to do that we'll see you there. I have a question also, HOW MUCH DO THE CRACKETS FOR? Thanks everyone!



hi everyone,

i'll be cruising in october. a first-time cruiser question. what are the laundry options available and how much do they cost?

just wondering if i have to bring alot of clothes or i can just wash what i have.

thanks in advance!


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