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Just got off the Sea

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by jku2, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. jku2

    jku2 Guest

    hi all!

    We just finished sailing on the Sea. Got back on the 14th. Except for the lousy weather coming back to Houston everything was great. This was our 7th cruise, on 4 different lines so have some experience with cruising. The boat was small but because of that it was very convenient to get around. Never really had to use the elevator and could leave for a show 3 minutes before it and get across the ship and still get a good seat.

    Food was great in the dining rooms but stay away from the Big apple Cafe.
    Alot of salisbury steak and meatloaf up there. Had very good waiters every night!

    Shows were great! And there were alot of things to do such as lectures on mayan culture, dance classes and games to play. We won the rock and roll trivia twice that the disco had - And I am 50.

    Rooms were small but clean. There are a few areas on the ship that are showing age but also saw workmen repairing them.

    The ship also handled the excursions and tenders well. Things went very smooth.

    Hope this helps people.
    Happy sailing
  2. zahr03

    zahr03 Guest

    My husband and I took the Sea last year for the transition cruise. Enjoyed it immensely. Good service! Enjoyed the size of the ship, too.
  3. kadao

    kadao Guest

    We are going on the SEA June 19. What shore excursions did you do? Are you going to post pictures? What time were you able to start boarding?
  4. LLZ

    LLZ Guest

    We sailed the same cruise. 2/7/4 - 2/14/4 from Houston. Couldn't believe how wonderful EVERYONE was!! We had a family of 5, three kids aged 13,12, and 8. ( If you went to Island night, that was our little dancer that won a frisbee and was shown on the TV the next day.) We had two rooms on deck 6. Not palacial, but absolutely perfect for our family. Convenient to everything. We ate EVERYWHERE! Big Apple was great for us between different activities. Always enough of a choice to be pleasant and certainly convenient. Pool side bbq was always great, too. We did eat in the dining rooms and La Bistro, too. All incredible!! Spent quite a bit of time in Gatzby's Martini Bar - the best view on the ship; and Anna from Poland to ease the day as waitress. I don't remember waiting in a single line after embarkation. (well, I guess getting off in Cancun had a bit of a wait, but enough other great stuff happened to allow me to block that!! Mexico's tender laws govern that issue, not NCL) We did Chekanaab Park in Cozumel w/snuba and Royal Dolphin swim (arranged that online ahead of time, better deal than excursion. Not cheaper, just more time w/dolphins) We got a taxi to Half-Moon Bay in Roatan; this came with a bonus of Rose, the tour guide who also watched our stuff while we snorkeled, kept the bartender and waiter handy, kept soliciters at bay, and reminded us when it was time to leave so we didn't have to worry. We did the Shark and Ray Alley, San Pedro beach excursion from the ship (when you tender, scheduling a excursion from ship allows you to be the first off and last on!!). This excursion was excellent!! We met great people and I guarantee we'll go back to San Pedro again!!! In Cancun we went to the Tres Rios, the eco park. We weren't sure what to expect and were VERY PLEASED with that excursion, too. WOW! freshwater snorkeling to see underground rivers - that was cool. The jungle grew right over our little river, which was only as wide as a sidewalk! Then the beach was awsome. Kayaking to see alligators - ooohhh. We didn't make time to horseback ride, but everyone looked very happy on their horses.
    The weather turned bad on the last day at sea (again, not NCL's fault) but our 8 year old still swam in the pool with all her new friends, ate ice cream from Lickety Splits, and warmed up in the hot tub. I read on a deck chair and drank Irish Coffe. Everyone was happy in spite of the cold. The older kids played basketball until they lost them all in the ocean!! Then they had some down-time playing cards in the Library and watching movies in the room. My husband slept. Then we ate some more!!!
    We didn't do the express checkout, so we hung out until they called us (near the end). Not a problem, we weren't exactly anxious to leave our little floating paradise!!
    We went to most of the shows, loved the piano bar and the "name that tune" game. LOVED the disco (even with the older kids til 11:00) won some rock n roll trivia game. Kareoke was a little too serious for our taste. Lotsa Bette Midler's "ROSE" and old country and western. But the people involved were having a blast!! We had other stuff to try.
    This was the kids' first cruise, but not ours. Somehow I don't think we'll ever get to cruise alone again. But that's okay - they were great fun!!!
  5. busterbry

    busterbry Guest

    We are also going on the Sea on June 19th. If you find any pictures of the rooms, etc. please let me know. I am currently looking at various excursions and will let you know what I find. We are going with my parents and our neighbors so there will be three kids 11, 16, 18. Will you be bringing any kids?
  6. kadao

    kadao Guest

    wow, I can't believe it, finally someone else going on June 19. We are a family of 4 (2 boys age 17 and 21). We're taking the red-eye flight into Houston and arriving about 6:30 in the morning Saturday. Does anyone know the earliest time we can start boarding?
  7. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    I am so thrilled to hear good reports on Norwegian Sea. We were onboard way back in '92 when she was the Seaward. Sounds like it may be time for a repeat visit.
  8. busterbry

    busterbry Guest

    Not sure of the time but I don't believe it is before 1:00 pm. The ship will have just come back from the same cruise and will have to refresh everything. I am sure my son and his friend would love to meet you sons. If either of your son's would like to email mine his email is b.w.moore@iup.edu.
  9. kadao

    kadao Guest

    thanks busterbry - I'll pass on the message and see what happens. They may want to when it gets closer to the cruise. I posted a roll call so we'll see if anyone resonds.
  10. kadao

    kadao Guest

    P.S. - I think I posted the roll call on cruise critic! I go between three sights now I can't remember on which one I posted!
  11. kadao

    kadao Guest

    I'm back again - just checking to see if my clock is working on this site.
  12. beckyw

    beckyw Guest

    Thanks for all the positive feedback on the Sea. We are looking at booking on her for early May. I have read a couple of seriously negative reviews and then some positive ones. I was beginning to wonder if these people were really on the same ship!

    We are going with another couple who have never been on a cruise. We have talked it up so much (and so has their daughter who keeps telling them to take one), I was worried that maybe I had chosen the wrong ship for them. We are looking for something relatively inexpensive and the Sea seems to be it.

    I can always count on this board to come through for me. Thanks.
  13. cheezz

    cheezz Guest


    I found some great pictures of the whole ship, including the rooms, from someone who just sailed the Norwegian Sea:

    Questions for everyone: I just got upgraded to the Promenade Deck, room 6011 - the jogging track runs around outside, and the Cabaret Lounge is on the deck below. Is this going to be a noise problem??

  14. kadao

    kadao Guest

    cheezz - I replied to your post on Fodors, so I just copied it. Here it is: Message: You will probably hear a lot of noise until the lounge music stops - On one cruise we were on it didn't stop till about 2:00 am and kept me awake. It was not fun. Lots of boom boom boom bass noises. Ear plugs didn't help. If you are a late night person, it shouldn't be a problem. As to the jogging track, if your curtains are open, everyone will look in your room while going around the track, but since you don't mind keeping them closed it shouldn't be a problem. Good luck
  15. cheezz

    cheezz Guest

    Thanks for responding (here and Fodors!) That's what I was afraid of. I just can't figure where would be best to room! It seems when they upgrade you, they always move you up a deck, but what good is that if it means you are under the pools, looking out through lifeboats, over or under the Cabaret Lounge.....?? Is there a "best" place to be?
  16. kadao

    kadao Guest

    You are welcome! I always just check to make sure there are no lounges above or below the cabin. I like a window, but I don't mind not having one. I've heard people say that the front of the ship is better than the back, but I've never had any problems, except for that one cruise with the lounge noise. To me it is no big deal to have a cabin on a upper deck. I guess it would just be personal preference.
  17. kadao

    kadao Guest

    :help - time sure is going slow....

    Post Edited (04-10-04 23:11)
  18. cpayne

    cpayne Guest

    We sailed Norwegian Sea several years ago and it has been our least favorite ship of the 8 we have sailed. The boat was very small, rooms were the smallest we've ever had, and the boat was in need of severe overhaul.

    Don't mean to disappoint anyone, but there is a reason this ship offers such good deals!
  19. kadao

    kadao Guest

    It's been recently refurbished, so that will be nice. I've read a lot of positive reviews of people who have sailed recently. In spite of some of the negative reviews, we are going to have a great time.
  20. Everyone looks at things in a different light from the next person. I will not say the Sea was the nicest ship we have sailed (by the way cruises are ships, not boats) but it was the most fun cruise we ever had and we are about to book her again for November. Yes, the cabins, not rooms, were small and the ship is smaller than some, but larger then many others. The crew is wonderful, the guests for the most part are wonderful; mostly from the mid west and we all have to remember you will not get 5 star dining, 5 star entertainment or 5 star accomodations when you pay 3 star prices. Most everyone who realizes this comes home from ships like the Sea with positive reviews. By the way the pool area is great with lots of lounge space. Go and enjoy.


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