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Just got off the Sea

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by jku2, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. kadao

    kadao Guest

    busterbry - just checking - are you around!!! The SEA is getting closer! Found a couple other families from another site that will be on the same time as us. :)
  2. kmittleman

    kmittleman Guest

    We are going in October, Really looking forward to it. Three kids, My wife and I, Wifes parents and mine. Does anyone know where I can view a copy of the menus? We'd love to see them.
  3. cheezz

    cheezz Guest


    I happened to bring home just one menu - from Le Bistro. That's the only restaurant you pay an added cover charge for -- but WELL worth it. We ate there twice and almost wish we had done it more! If you want the rundown on what they serve, let me know.

    The Big Apple Cafe is a giant buffet -- you can hop in and out as you like. We would pop in sometimes just for coffee and dessert. They have all the usual buffet stuff, meats, cheeses, fruit, misc. salads, breads. They also have (during bkfst, lunch, dinner), a separate setup in there where they are making omelets to order, bagels, toast, stir-fry, etc. - different theme foods all the time.

    We never ate in the Italian restaurant, Pasta Cafe, so can't say.

    The other 2 serve exactly the same menu - Seven Seas and Four Seasons. A step up from the buffet in quality and a regular sit-down atmosphere. Basic food like beef, potatoes - sort of like an upscale Denny's with fancier presentation.

    Then poolside from 1-3pm you can get hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwich fixings - they have a huge bbq grill going. Also poolside from 5-8pm they do a fun buffet with a different theme each night -- Caribbean, Asian, Country (ribs, sausages), etc. The smells are wonderful.

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