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Just off Caribbean Princess - any questions?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by lecach, May 13, 2007.

  1. Seabeacon

    Seabeacon Guest

    We loved our Cruise on the CP so much! Our Captain was Giuseppe Romano and I forgot the director's name but he was from England. We dined mostly between 5 and 6 and only waited a couple of minutes, if that. It was awesome! I don't think I will ever do traditional dining.
  2. Cdn_BudGuy

    Cdn_BudGuy Guest

    Hi all,

    We are first time cruisers and we are leaving on Sept 16th for our honeymoon. We have a balcony cabin at the front of the boat. Do you have any information that would be usefull for us to make sure that we have a awsome time. I have read alot about people bring alcohol onboard, comments? What tours would you suggest? How about places to eat? Anything would be awsome. We are 30 & 34 yrs old. What is the age of people we are going to see onboard? Look forward to it and maybe meeting some of you..

    Thanks, Shawn
  3. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    [quote Cdn_BudGuy]
    . Do you have any information that would be usefull for us to make sure that we have a awsome time. Thanks, Shawn[/quote]

    its a ship --not a boat. You will be awed struck at the size.
    Dont try to do it all--its not possible.

    You stated your balcony is in the front-- the front being as big as it is--- not even mentioning how many decks.. you left a lot of information out there.

    St thomas --the best tour we did was www.godfreytoursvi.com with his tour we got to do it all..for only 25.00pp
    we shopped in the morning, took an island tour then hit the beach for 2 hours.

    GOing at the end of Sept you wont be seeing a lot of kids. ALthough you might see families with very young kids.

    bringing alcohol onboard in your luggage you check with porters- do NOT attempt to carry it on as it will get confiscated.

    Head to the pier to check in about 11am. you will be onboard by noon and eating your lunch at the Horizon court by 12:15
  4. blga

    blga Guest

    Hello. Sorry you did not have the cruise you anticipated...but all CB cruises must not be the same! We cruised on the CB in June 06 with family ranging from 78 down to 17. The older teens had even more fun than the older adults. The ship had tons of young people. I can't say if they were 25 or 35 because they were a good mix of young & old. I had been nervous about just an elderly clientel as well since prior to that cruise we had just cruised carnival. We loved the carnival experience in the dining room with dancing & fun during dinner, but didn't really enjoy the fact that the cruise ship was overrun by young kids., still, it was spring break on the carnival ship, which means you have to expect children during those school break times, and the same with Princess in June when school is out. I still enjoyed the food on Carnival better, I still enjoyed the dining room waiter dancing, the entertainment & some of the poolside fun more on Carnival, but thought the CB was a much classier, nicer ship, nicer rooms., and I felt more "pampered" on the Princess then Carnival. I think it depends on the time of year you cruise. Maybe you folks cruised when school was in so most younger families would not be available to go. We are going on CB again in January and I am excited. But I would go on another Carnival in a heartbeat if the itinerary & ship fit my interests. Hope your next cruise is more fun.
  5. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    I've heard there is an amazing seafood buffet on the CP
    did you go? can you tell me what seafood and other food was at the buffet and when and where the buffet takes place?
    My daughter loves seafood!:daisy
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The first night at the Horizon court there is a seafood buffet.

    Crab legs, lobster claws, and shrimp.

    Tis night the buffet was very crowded. We took a large table and shared it with 2 other couples looking for seats.

    The rest of the nights-- we ate at the Caribe cafe which featured out seafood dishes-- always shrimp of some kind.
    We ate most all our dinners here as it was more intimate then the dining room.

    the tables are set with table clothes. we ate off china plates. water glasses are filled. Silverware is at the table.
    the only difference from the buffet and the dining room is we got our own food.. other then that there are waiters to get drinks, pour water etc. Stolling musicians around depending on the theme of the evening.
  7. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    thanks, that sounds great!
    I have another question. You are saying that the Caribe Cafe is
    more intimate but is it not part of the Horizon court Buffet which
    is generally loud and busy?
    or do you have smaller tables?
    I am a little confused about what the Caribe Cafe is.

    Any insight would be appreciated. :girly
  8. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    caribe cafe is attached to the Horizon court.. when one is opened the other is closed. for dinner. (or so it was on my CB cruise)

    horizon court feeds hundreds of people-- caribe cafe is smaller and not many people go there.

    Horizon court will drive some people batty. there is no system- there is three entrances/exit so people are coming in from all directions- I kept feeling that I was cutting in line-- but since there is no line there was no cutting.

    for breakfast and lunch-- the caribe cafe offers a smaller choice..
    like scrambled eggs, one meat choice, where the horizon court offers lots of eggs choices, lots of meat choices, lots of toast choices, etc.

    its very hard to understand-- i have read many peoples reviews of these places and until I got onboard I could not grab the concept of these two places.

    I can tell you that when the Horizon is crowded-- go further to the back and see what they got to offer
  9. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    Is it marked "caribe cafe" . Basically will I know that I am out
    of the Horizon court and into another section?:help

    Thanks for the explanation. I am looking forward to trying and
    making sense for it once I am there. A challenge from what I read.

    does it only serve seafood or ???
  10. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    oh no-- more then seafood. My honey does not do seafood at all.
    EVERY night he found food that he likes while I emptied the ocean each night. He found prime rib that had an awesome sauce to put over it-- made with horseradish but it was super creamy. (dont mistake it for a dollop of potatoes.

    yes, you will see the difference from the horizon/caribe cafe. caribe is across the back-= horizon is the area on the sides.
    the caribe is more like a buffet line where you walk through and take what you want/

    the horison court there will be food to the right-- food behind you and food to the left.. and food everywhere.

    you enter there will be a station.. heading to the right== there is more choices-- turn around behind there is the salad station and in front of that area is desserts.. go three geet more and there is more choices/ salad station like potato salad etc and more dessert.
    makes it hard to look at the choices before you make your selection.
  11. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    PS n go to www.webshots.com and in the search box type in Horizon COurt. There are over 800 photos that kinda give you what its like.,

    Do NOT do a search for Caribe Cafe as what is there is not the cafe onboard.. it looks to be a bar somewhere.
  12. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    sounds good:)-D

    my husband loves prime rib and my daughter loves seafood
    I am a big pasta lover so if the caribe cafe has all 3 it
    will be our favorite place to dine.

    thanks for all the info and I will check out the web site
    you have me.

  13. serene56

    serene56 Guest

  14. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    our cruise is in March and we are counting down the days.
    we chose anytime dining because we want to eat whenever
    we feel like it. We also don't always want to go to the
    dining room so the caribe sounds like a good and yummy
    option for us.:daisy
  15. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    We too took anytime-- I wanted to see if being tied to a dining schedule was really all that important on a cruise.
    I made reservations for Sabatinies and the other place-- we ate in the dining room one formal night and did not like that at all. Really did feel like a cattle call. Sat at a table for two-- but it rreally was a table for 8 with a smidge of room between each table and person. thats why we headed to the buffet after the first night we ate there... it was more intimate then the dining area.
  16. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    How did you like Sabatinis? I have read many mixed reviews
    from "not worth it" to "a must".

    We all like Italian but I heard that there is not much pasta
    on the menu, mostly seafood.

    any advice?:girly
  17. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    on the menu-- you pick your entree only. The rest of the courses will be bought out to you.

    Remember my honey dont like seafood and the Matre De who runs the place made sure we were well taken care of
    If you dont like something--let one of the waiters know.. (youwill get one of many) and one will make sure you get more of another one.
    We were not hungry when we left the place.

    I like trying the new places because for one-- you could never eat at home like that for the money... but I tried it once and more then likely will not be trying it on the crown.

    I amhoping the caribe cafe is the same set up on the Crown as it was on the CB
  18. pesty1963

    pesty1963 Guest

    did you try the lobster at sabattinis'? or other seafood

    when are you going on the crown?

    my friend is going on that ship end november- southern carribean
    cruise. :wave
  19. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    we are going on the Crown February 8th, 2009 (yep 500+ days away.out of fort lauderdale.

    sabtinis= i think our entree was steak.. i was seafood out from eating at thebuffet each night. (or i think i had a veal chop.. yeah that sounds right. something different
  20. bren

    bren Guest

    hi, i heard that on the dolphin deck all the balconies are uncovered, do you have any info on that? thanks!

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