Just returned from the Jubilee!!



Hi everyone,

We just got back home from the best cruise we have had so far.
Let me start by saying the crew on the Jubilee far out passed (IMHO) the Sensations crew any day.
When we first got to the airport there was someone out by luggage telling us where to get our shuttle and she was very friendly. Then the shuttle ride over was nice. Well once we got to the port of Jacksonville I noticed there wasn't anything around the port. It looked very desolate. But once inside within 15 minutes we were on the Jubilee and I am talking like 11:30 am(we didn't sail until PM). I was so impressed with how quick we got through. Well I could see that the Jubilee was a smaller ship but she sure made up with it by how clean the ship was. Thats all they did was clean,clean,clean. Once inside the atrium wasn't anything to look at but the decor was interesting. We went up to the lido deck got some food(and the burgers are great) and relaxed for about 30 minutes and we were in our room. The room was the same as the sensation but the beds were so thin on the Jubilee I had to grab my room stuart and tell him I couldn't sleep on something so thin(I commented that my dogs bed was thicker...and I wasn't kidding).
I also asked him for 4 pillows and guess what he brought me another mattress to double up what I had and said he would have everything taken care of by the time I returned from dinner. And indeed he did...anything I asked Everison got for me. If your going on the Jubilee and are on the Empress deck pray you get him ...he is just that good!
We had early seating in the Boudreax dinning. Our head waiter (Eric)was so funny doing different voices...he had my son and I laughing so hard. Our other table mates were two young couples that were snot faces..you couldn't pry words out of them.
So we ended up meeting some great people and spent the rest of our dinning experience in the Burgundy dinning room. We had a ball in this dinning room...all the dancing and singing that staff did was great!
The casino,and Oz (a dance club) were where we spent alot of time....and they were both great! I didn't get to see the comedy show but heard he was a funny guy.
Our cruise director(can't remember his name....was boringggggggg) I was really missing Jorge from our last cruise on the Sensation.
Our trip into Freeport was ok....was really looking forward to Nassau and when we got to Nassau it was beautiful. The prices on gifts were cheaper than Freeport too. We took a cab over to Atlantis(4 bucks a person plus 1 dollar toll charge)and OMG it was so big and beautiful. We ended up laying out on the beach at Atlantis and had a great time walking through the casino and back by all the pools. We had a wonderful time there.
By far this was the best cruise ever I walked away with two new great friends and the best cruise we have had so far.
If you have any questions email me and I will be more than happy to answer anything for you.

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