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Kelly Method/book modify question

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jas777, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. jas777

    jas777 Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Im leaving on Glory on Oct. 2nd and I have an inside guarantee. We booked back in March and made final payment in July. Anyways.. I've tried using the book modify method to see if our room has been giving to us yet, and it still says:

    Category IS
    Deck To Be Assigned
    Cabin Number Guar

    So, if it still hasnt been assigned yet, will the kelly method work for me? I started to do the kelly method a couple of weeks ago, but its kinda time consuming :) I guess Im just curious as to whether the kelly method will work when the book modify hasnt yet.

  2. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    JAS777....I don't think it will work. I had the same situation as you, with a guaranteed cabin and went into the modify part of the site, and mine showed TBA. I tried the Kelly Method , even though I still had the TBA. Nothing came up. I now have my docs for the September cruise and on my docs it still shows, TBA!! I truly will have to wait and see! Surprises can be fun, and either way we chose a cabin category we will still enjoy.
  3. jas777

    jas777 Guest

    Thanks cricket! I guess I'll just have to wait...its so hard though!!!!!!!!!!!! only 45 days away now, I can remember when it was 100 days!!!
  4. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I wouldnt wste that time doing the kelly thing. I spent hours one day figuring out my cabin--found it. but two days later i looked again and guess what== i was moved. What a waste.

    Wait til you get your documents...which should be soon. but I would try that other method every day jsut in case
  5. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    I do the BookModify thing everyday... still says TBA so I don't waste my time on the Kelly Method anymore. I did the Kelly Method once after learning the BookModify thing, still came up with nothing so I figure I'll check the BookModify thing everyday until I get my documents then I will check the Sail & Sign thing and see if that number shows up using BookModify... if it does then I will try the Kelly Method on that cabin number and see if all 3 match :grin.... confusing? LOL

    Good Luck!

    Happy Cruising!=whiteflag


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  6. aileenw

    aileenw Guest

    been checking everyday also. we were only moved up 1 deck. from a 4a to a 4b. bummer !!!
    not a very good upgrade, oh well, at least we will be on the ship in 18 days. cant wait.
    ours says a cabin # not TBA. Maybe an upgrade at the port.
  7. jules _prl

    jules _prl Guest

    When are you sailing in Sept? Just wondering when we can expect our docs.....ANXIOUS!
  8. sweetdelta

    sweetdelta Guest

    Little trick I learned....call Carnival and tell them you are trying to purchase some bon voyage things, but you can't because you don't have a room number.....I did this, and you better believe they gave me my room number pronto! They claim they don't know it until you get to the pier, but that's not true. Try this and let me know whether it works...
  9. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    The kelly method worked for me. I`m 51 days out. Booked a inside gty and got one upgrade. This may change closer to the date so, will check often. Hey I got a good deal so I`ll be happy where ever I end up.
  10. ali38

    ali38 Guest

    I tried the kelly method on a day i had nothing else to do . and by process of elimination i found that we were upgraded four decks. we leave in 9 days for the victory to canada.

  11. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Rhen: please let me know if your cabin gets moved or if it stays the same. Every time I check.. they move me within a day or two after that.

    I called gift services to order drink/photo coupons and asked my cabin number. They told me its TBA.

    I will never, ever book gauarantee again.
  12. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    serene56 its still the same as of today. I will keep checking.
  13. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Thats way cool. So you got upgraded one deck-- within the same category. When you do the method--- and the message comes up---when you scroll down do you see your name and stuff.??
  14. MaddyR

    MaddyR Guest

    I would sure like an upgrade to an oceanview cabin....can anyone explain what the Kelly method is to me?
  15. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Serene. yes all my booking info popped up.Maddy ..check the thread re; Kelly method worked for me. It explains it.
  16. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    The few times that I checked- it gave me cabin numbers and scroll down to our names and stuff. Some people state that all they get is a meessage to call a 1800 number,

    Guess being bored--maybe i will try again next week.

    Maddy: you will need time to do the method. LOTS of time. And dont do it too far out. Rhen has had great success with the method- I on the other hand have done this 3 times now and each time the change me.

    Fisrt- when is your cruise and on what ship?? DId you book as a garantee? what category? You will need a booking number to do this.

    Ok now go to the www.carnival.com and look for GIFTS up top. Go in and buy something. Pick something nice like the 75.00 bottle of wine. Put your booking number in and start pluggin in cabin numbers of the category you booked at.. Oceanview?? start on the Riveria deck and work your way up. have more then 2 people in your cabin?? dont even look at the 2 persons cabin in the newer ships. If you booked the Destiny class ship and have three people you will have to plug in ever cabin as those ships still have rollaways. (see what I mean it could take hours.
  17. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    As noted elsewhere, Carnival has changed its policy about assigning guarantee cabins, joining the rest of the cruise industry in listing them 7-8 weeks in advance (this policy was announced Aug. 3 -- so may not be pertinent to bookings with already less remaining time before departure on that date). Thus, the Kelly Method is out-of-date and unnecessary. Once a cabin has been assigned, it will appear on your reservations page using book-modify. If it's not there, it hasn't been assigned yet, and the so-called Kelly Method won't work anyway.
  18. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Serene: I booked a inside gty. And have a 1 cat upgrade as of today.I do check often because it can change.Whatever the method it woked for me. I will be on the Inspiration on Oct 10th out of Tampa my home port.I`m happy with any upgrade. I paid for a 4a and have a 4b.Yeh I`d love a outside upgrade But, never get so lucky.
  19. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    How many weeks/days out do you have to be for the BookModify method to work? I'm about 10 weeks away from cruising!
  20. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I have about 10 weeks also and nothing is showing up for me- it may be too early. But our final payment was due this week at 60 days instead of 70. I think that is why we havent been given our cabin yet. I would wait til about 60 days out. You still have a few days until final payment is due. (people cancel at that time- which frees up a lot of cabin space.

    Rhen: when did you first notice your cabin?

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