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Kelly Method/book modify question

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jas777, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. jas777

    jas777 Guest

    I'm at 42 days now and nothing yet :(
  2. ali38

    ali38 Guest

    as i stated in my last post i did the kelly method on a gty and found out i got an upgrade which can change. then i tried the book method and it didn't work unless i did it wrong. but every couple of days i keep trying the kelly method and it still remains the same. sailing in 1 week.
  3. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    We paid our cruise off back in March. I guess I could sit down and try the Kelly method. I'm needing to order drink coupons anyways.. I have a question...

    Has anyone who found their cabin using the Kelly method been able to order anything using the cabin number they found?
  4. Cactuscruise

    Cactuscruise Guest

    If you use "BookModify" no need to waste time with the labor-intensive Kelly Method. Anytime you book a guarantee cabin, the cabin can be changed at anytime up until sailing day. I'm 62 days out from cruise date and I still show TBA . I wouldn't get too attached to a cabin that shows up before sailing. I've booked guarantees three times and two of those times the cabin changed by sailing day. But I've always been more than satisfied with the cabin. I don't think there is a bad upgrade since you know you're taking a chance from the beginning. I think if there's a cabin that you know you won't be happy with you shouldn't book a guarantee. As long as it's on the ship and I have an 8A or better cabin, I'm good. I had a cabin over the cabaret lounge on the Glory, they had some rip roaring sing-a-logs going some nights...all part of the experience.
  5. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    We're 70 days out, and I get nothing when I try the BookModify method. How soon did it show you that you had "TBA?" I've been trying it daily, and it says that the website cannot be found. Am I doing something wrong??
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    7 weeks....youwont see anything before the 7 weeks.

    If you booked as gaurantee the only way to order stuff from Carnival is by calling the 1-800 number. Even if you have found our cabin number you will be told to call the number.
    Besides- suppose if you get upgraded after you found you cabin number and you order stuff...::??
  7. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    Our guaranteed cabin on Oct. 4 Holiday sailing appeared 59 days (8+ weeks in advance) before departure. We ordered items for cabin online that day. Apparently, not all procedures are uniform yet.
  8. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    NewCruzer: make sure you take your printed receipt with you from ordering online in case they misplaced your order.

    So when you placed your order online- they didnt tell you that you are garanteed status..
    hmm, seems that the procedures are going through. Its supposed to be 7-8 weeks that you get placed. and once placed they wont move you again.

    Did you get an upgrade?
  9. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    serene56 Wrote:
    > make sure you take your printed
    > receipt with you from ordering online in case they
    > misplaced your order.
    > >
    > Did you get an upgrade?

    Order receipt is already in our 'cruise notebook'. While ordering, site listed our names and asked which passenger(s) we were ordering for.
    We got a three-deck upgrade from 6a guaranteed to 6d -- or Riviera to Empress. The only category higher on the Holiday is that for the 10 Veranda suites.
    The best news, though, is that by booking in February we paid under $900 total for two (including taxes, insurance and agency fee) for cabins/category selling for $669 each before taxes today on Expedia.
  10. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    Thanks for the info everyone. I guess I just need to be patient... :) I should get some results in a couple more weeks or so.
  11. NewCruzer

    NewCruzer Guest

    Just today exchanged emails with my TA. He confirmed my cabin assignment with a Carnival contact, and relayed that he was told that 1) passengers on ships nearly fully-booked, and 2) customers with agencies that send lots of business to Carnival, will receive the earliest assignments of guaranteed cabins.
  12. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    hmmm, my cruise in October has been sold out for many weeks and still I am not assigned. I was told 7 weeks out.

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