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Kenai Fjords vs. Prince William Sound



My wife and I are flying into Anchorage in early June 2004 with our three sons (ages 20, 19 and 17). We want to take a glacier cruise and we were wondering if anyone would suggest the best cruise to take in Kenai Fjords or in Prince William Sound. The main thing we want to see is a glacier calving. We have seen humpback whales in Massachusetts and Hawaii, but would love to see orcas. We have looked at the National Park tour from Kenai Fjords tours, Major Marine tours, Renown Charters & Tours and 26 Glaciers Cruise. Most of them seem to offer a salmon or prime rib dinner or lunches. If anyone could let us know what you thought about these different cruise tours, we would greatly appreciate it.


I have taken the tour with Kenai Fjords tours. We took an 8 hour tour with them. The crew did a very good job and they were very informative. My only problem with them is they would not vary from their route to see whales. They would tell us over the PA that the word is out that whales are in one area but than they would tell you they would not go to that area. I would have prefered that they didn't let us know where the whales were if they were not going to go there. When we did come onto a pod of Orca whales they did sit for a little extra time so we could get some great pictures and video.

As far as seeing a glacier calve that will be up to the glacier. I have cruised Alaska multiple times and some times the glaciers are calving and sometimes they aren't. The trick to watching a glacier calve is to not bother to listen for sounds and don't stare at the glacial walls. Watch the water line on the glacier, if you see small splashes like someone dropped some pebbles that is where the glacier will calve so look at the wall at that point. It will break off in a very short time.


Having participated in all of hte above day cruises, and having taken all my relatives on them, I would say they each ofer a different experience. Years ago I actually was the director of 26 Glacier Cruises. I have since gone on to other things, but their cruise offers lots of glaciers, less wilslife. Kenai Fjords offfers more marielife, less glaciers. Prince William Sound (26 Glaciers) offers calmer waters than does REssuraction Bay (Kenai Fjords). So how does your family handle "swells" on the seas? I think chicken or salmon won't matter if they tend to be seasick :)

I tend to have my family take the Kenai Fjords day cruise, as it is more well rounded, but I warn them first about the water being a bit more choppy. But the harbor seals, sea lions and the scenery down to Seward is worthy.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I am very aware of the MUST SEE things in our area having been in the industry. corky@1anchorsaway.com


We have done the Kenai Fjords National Park tour with KFT and were impressed. We were lucky enough to see lots of wildlife and we saw the most amazing calfing of Holgate glacier. We are going back but are afraid that it can't live up to our first experience. We are thinking of doing 26 Glaciers, or Major Marine Tours or Prince William Sound Tours out of Whittier the day that we board the Sun Princess. If others have impressions of 26 Glaciers (Phillips), please inform. I am afraid that it will just be a repeat of Sun Princess's College Fjord and Glacier Bay. But I hope it will be closer.