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Leaving for Alaska next Monday (Northern on Spirit). Has anyone fished directly off the piers in Ketchikan? I read somewhere of bait and tackle shops that will rent a pole, lure and license for the day?

Also, are the mosquitos really that bad this time of year?

Any crab feasts in vancouver or any of the ports you would recommend?

If taking the Northern route, which is the best side of the boat for a balcony room? port or starboard?

Any other tidbits if you cruised lately let me know-especially the Carnival Spirit- I heard this is a totally different experience than caribbean cruising- is there still a band on deck that plays during the day? cuisine different than regular boats? not as much night life on the alaska cruises?



I have not fished in Alaska. Someone from our ship did, but they took a boat out of Sitka (and caught the limit). Yes, the mosquitos can be bad (but not when the ship is moving). If you see something flying, and it is bigger than an eagle - it is a small mosquito. Keep an eye on the kids! :) Juneau has a good salmon bake. Don't know where the good crab feasts are.

It seems a little late to worry about which side of the ship your balcony is on. Both sides are great, but if I had to choose for a northern route, I would pick starboard.

Comparing Alaska and the Caribbean is like comparing apples and oranges. In Alaska you will be in sight of land almost the entire time. Alaska is not a US territory - it is one of the 50 states. Alaska has no well known beaches because the water is so cold. Alaska has many more glaciers then you will find in the Caribbean. This time of year it does not get dark in Alaska until very late (like abouit 10pm if I recall right). Alaska has bears, eagles and whales. You will see eagles, even in port. People crusing the Caribbean are more interested in having fun (in general). People cruising in Alaska tend to go more for the educational value (again, in general). As a result there is less of a party atmosphere.

I can not comment on the band or food, as my cruise in Alaska was not on Carnival.

One other suggestion, be prepared for rain.

2 yrs ago we stopped in Ketchikan on a cruise ship. I had some fishing gear with me and I got a tip to walk just 1/2 mile from the cruise docks to a boat dock area near the "red bridge"...just next to where they have the "great american logger show" wife and I caught over 20 salmon in about 2 hours. It was all catch and release as there were 1000's of salmon schooling up and getting ready to make their trip upstream. The harbor was full of these fish. Our arms were sore from all the action. Several local people were there with us and we were all having a great time.

Here's a picture of one:

If you don't have your own gear, just visit a local fishing shop in town nearby the cruise docks, get your daily fishing license and rent some'll have a great time. You don't have to go out and pay big bucks to go out in the ocean to find fun fishing. It's right there at the docks ! Happy Fishing !!
We saw people fishing off a pier next to the ship in one port, but I don't recall which one. Also we took a excursion called the "Wilderness Exploration & Crab Feast in Ketchikan. It was all you could eat dungeness crab. If you like Dungeness Crab this one is very good.

Also, the salmon bakes are great IMO


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We have done quite a few Alaskan cruises -- never had a problem with mosquitos -- not even when we went to some of the gardens in some ports.

We always dress in layers.

Have never fished in Alaska.


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I usually wait till we get to Juno and do my fishing at Taku Smokeries,
They even clean the fish..................