Ketchikan float plane vendors, or other suggestions

I am looking to book a float plane to Misty Fjords and wondering if anyone can recommend a vendor and WHY you recommend that vendor. I had a recommendation for Southeast Aviation from someone, but they didn't tell me why that one over others. Family Air Tours's website is not good and booking through the website isn't as easy, but their description sounds like a slightly longer tour and time on the ground.

Anyone have some suggestions for this? Thanks.


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I don't know any specific vendors. When I went I booked through the cruise line (Princess) and it was a great experience. If you want to have options I would try looking at


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I would recommend Island Wings Air Service. I flew with Michelle a few years ago and she was a superb pilot and good person. She will be willing to pick you up at the ship and return you as well. While a small business, she has been flying this area for many years and is not just a summer hire, like some of the other companies use. She flies a beautifully kept plane and will make your experience a great time. Make sure your camera has fresh batteries and lots of memory available!