Hoping to book a northbound cruise soon for Alaska in May 2005. Just wondering about Ketchikan. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do you see glaciers (this far south) or see anything spectacular? What are some of the better shore excursions?


If you scroll back through the past few months you will see lots of comments about what to see and do in Ketchikan with tour ideas and comparions, same with the cruise/ship reviews.

Good luck.


Float planes to Misty Fjords from Ketchikan is supposed to be awsome....and expensive. Unfortunately we didn't get to see this on our visits.

You can walk through the whole town very easily and go to the lumberjack show, Creek street, up the funicular and down the married mans trail, and shopping.. The visitor center right at the dock has many tours if you decide not to book ahead of time through the ship or from the net.

The Duck tour was corny but a lot of fun.

No Glaciers really until you get to Juneau and head over to Mendenhall.

And if you can, book a ship that goes to Glacier's stunning!

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Not a dumb question at all---and don't bother trying to scroll back over several months of posts is you don't want to. There are many super addicts here that will give you tips if they can. It wouldn't matter if they had just answered them last week!


We took a float plane out of Ketchikan (Family Air) which was beautiful. Our family of four and a pilot. We landed on a lake and got out and walked around a bit. The pilot even let our 14 y/o do some casting from shore. This was our most expensive excursion (but I booked independently which saved a bit) but it gave us a different perspective of the scenery.

We also took a path behind the downtown area that went to a creek where the salmon were spawning. The kids found a good internet cafe where they could purchase cheap internet minutes that they could also use in Juneau and Sitka. If you get past the shopping/dock area, it was a neat town to walk around.


Ketchikan was my favorite port. I felt like it was the most picturesque. We were only there for 1/2 a day so we spent our time walking the town.

There a so many good places to hike while in the ports. And it is a great way to see the towns.



how about the saxman village and totom brite park?? we are interested in them but dont know if we should go with the ship so we can see the dancers or with a private tour. any advice on this?? thanks


It is totem bight park. A bight is a little bay. I liked the totems at saxman and totem bight. Totem bight has more info for self guided tours.



thanks for correcting me on the spelling. and i will keep your tip about totom bight for future planning. cant wait to go.


I know this is a real long shot, but does anyone know the name of a tour guide who is located near where the ship disembarks in Ketchikan, independent from the ship, whose wife is a school teacher (maybe retired) and during the off cruising season he is a handiman? Someone recommended him, but cannot find their information on him and this is all they recall.


Has anyone done to tour in Ketchikan to Salmon Falls - I think its is called Back Country Jet Boat Tour. Thanks!


We loved the Misty Fjords Floatplane/Cruise that we took last May. We have already booked it again for this May through Celebrity's shore excursions. It is absolutely beautiful flying over the 3000' cliffs, waterfalls and gorges, then landing on the inland sea and cruising back. The flight was 35 minutes of breathtaking scenery and then the large Catamaran is warm and comfortable to view the sealife and scenery on your 3 hour return to Ketchikan. They serve you a very nice lunch/snacks with fresh salmon pate' and chowder. And although it is quite expensive, to us it 's worth every cent for the memories of a lifetime.


A Good Question!

Which park is the best to visit depends upon your preferences.

Totem Bight is definitely ' out of town' and the site is beautiful (and is fairly peaceful - despite the other tourists). If you are on an independent tour (operated by local people and sold on the dock), you will enjoy the same benefits as those tours sold on the ship. This includes a short visit to a replica of a clan house.

Saxman Native Village is approximately 2 1/2 miles from the dock. If you purchase a shore excursion from the ship - you will see a 13 min. movie that explains the history of the Tlingets who moved to Saxman followed by a visit to a replica of a clan house where the Cape Fox Dancers perform. You'll also hear the stories of some of the totem poles in the park, visit the Carving Shed where Nathan Jackson is a resident carver and hear abouot the traditional art of carving totem poles. You'll also have time to visit the (ever present) gift shop.

An independent tour to Saxman (cheaper) allows you to visit the totem poles and to look into the Carving shed through windows (when there are shore excursion groups inside). If you're lucky, you may get to go inside. You will not see the inside of the clan house, the Native Dancers or the video.

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TXcruiser Wrote:
> Has anyone done to tour in Ketchikan to Salmon
> Falls - I think its is called Back Country Jet
> Boat Tour. Thanks!

My husband and I have taken this tour before. You go to this resort and get on a juet boat. They take you around the waterways . You see very little wildlife. But I'm sure this could vary from trip to trip. We saw a deer and some otters. There are several isolated homes on the shores. Their transportation is by boat. We enjoyed it, but wouldn't take it again.


And be ready for rain which, in our case, didn't keep us from having a good time! Have fun!