Kidney stones



Need information from someone who has been there. Dan went to ER on Sunday night and they said the stone had passed to the point it should come out. He has been in and out of pain all week. Could he be having multiple stones or the same one moving around? He has an appt this week with a urologist but until then, we should would like to understand what is going on.He has not seen the stone come out but I guess that does not mean it did not. Thanks for any input


Poor Dan, :angel I have been told that if you want to "see" the stone you should pass your urine through a strainer lined with a coffee filter. Sometimes they want to analyze the stone to see what it is composed of. The sell a tea at the natural food store that is also supposed to be very helpful in passing stones. Hope he gets some relief soon. Prayers.........


They say it is as bad as childbirth. Hope he gets relief soon, you guys have fed the medical staff enough this year!



I had one a few years back and it was excrutiatingly painful. It was definately up there with childbirth....maybe even more painful (and my contractions were intense). That being said, debowah is correct, they would like to analize the stone to find out what kind it is. I never did collect mine. I was in the emergency room all night on pain meds and the next day the stone was gone and I was fine (but very drugged up). So far, thankfully, I have not suffered another episode.

Dan has my sympathy.


Cindy - prayers and good wishes for Dan. A friend of mine has repeated episodes of kidney stones, and I know he uses a strainer - as suggested above - to see if he passes any stones.

The one measure he is ordered to take is to drink plenty of water.

H2O babe

Both brothers have had them as well as many for my Dad. Dad finally ended up going to sit in a big tub of water and they "zapped" them because he had so many forming. My brothers have had to strain and catch several and have them analyzed. My oldest brother drinks a lot of water and I remember seeing Dad drink lots of cranberry juice. My youngest brother did not eat/drink much dairy because he was sure that the calcium was causing them. Hopefully Dan will pass the stone soon. I know I've seen the men in my family in severe pain with them.



My DH has gone through this as well. After the last, and worst, episode he started drinking lemonade. I read somewhere that the acid in lemonade somehow helps with further formations of the kidney stones. So now DH drinks Crystal Light Lemonade. So far so good.


Thanks for all the info. He had an X ray yesterday and saw the doctor. The stone is larger than first thought. He gave him some prostate medicine that may help pass it. If not, they will put him under on Monday to get it out. It hurts him when it moves to certain spots so sometimes he is in pain and sometimes not. And the doctor said NO Caffeine.


Owie! I hope he is feeling better soon. I had a friend who passed a kidney stone WHILE in labor! She didn't know wich was worse, but said it was awful.


Drinking lots of water will help. They hurt really bad. It's amazing what a small spec the size of a piece of rice can feel like when it gets dislodged. It's a horrible feeling. Hopefully he will be able to pass it in a few days. Get those fluids in!!!


Oh gees, no fun at all. Glad he's under doc care. Let us know how it goes.

I woke up one morning with incredible pain, and all I could do was walk around my room. Just walk. fast. here and there. I drank a lot of water, and it finally stopped hurting. I went back to sleep for an hour, and then went to work. One of the gals told me it sounded like I passed a kidney stone, and when I checked it out on line, I agreed with her. I went to see my doctor, who told me she didn't think so (another doc said the same thing) because people don't pass them in hours, it normally takes days, weeks, sometimes months. But I can be a PIA, and kept insisting it was true.

About 4 months later, I passed another one, and went back to the doctor. This time she agreed with me, and said that I was so insistent last time, that she looked into it, and it seems that there are a fair number of people who CAN pass a kidney stone in hours. I guess I was lucky. It was horrible!

At least with labor, I knew I would have a lovely baby in my arms at the end of it!


I had them during my pregnancy.
It was awful! I had surgery 3 times. Drink lots of cranberry juice.Hope it passes soon. Mine took 3 months!


Wow kidney stones what pain!! I have a history of having many. I also work for a group of urologists. The pain that your husband has could be from either the stone hasn't passed or from what is called bladder spasms. They both can be quite painful. Good luck make a habit of drinking a lot of water, find out what kind of stone you have and avoid those foods and beverages. My stones are calcium oxalate, which means avoid leafy green vegetables, soda, tea, coffee and high protein foods along with limited calcium. I was put on medication a diuretic along with urocit K. Good luck!:wave