Kiefer is home.


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Leaving your dog at the vets to face surgery and walking away is one of the hardest things to do. Next time, work gets canceled for the day. Hopefully, there is no next time...

After fighting off the paparazzi there to see Lindsey Lohan, I picked up my little buddy about 3:30pm and we went for a walk as soon as we got home. He seems to be feeling well, and even wanted to chase a ball! NOT gonna happen for at least a week!!!

When the vet pulled the loose tooth, only half of it came out. He knew then that the snap I had heard a few days ago was the tooth breaking inside the gum. OUCH! When he went into the gum to pull the rest of the root out, he realized the root of the tooth next to it had been growing in the same space and was now exposed, and he had to pull that one also.

They gave me his teeth and said that the roots on one were very short because they were starting to dissolve, so this injury had to happen about 7-10 days ago. Dogs don't show their injury right away, so he had to have been in pain the last three days when I finally realized what was going on. :bang:

He's resting now, will get to eat soft foods for the next week, and if he's lucky, he'll get to play in the snow they say we should be getting at sea level in the SF bay area this weekend!

Thanks everyone for your sweet and funny comments. Laughing made it easier.


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Timber sens special meows. He is going to the vet today for his checkup after two teeth were pulled last week. He understands! ! !


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Your home or is he shacking with Lindsy............... National Enquirer wants to know..

They gave me his teeth and said that the roots on one were very short because they were starting to dissolve
so are you going to make a charm bracelet out of them..............


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I'm not even going to touch that one................................

Since you live in the bay area


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Pucci sends special tail wags to his buddy, and is glad he's home. For that matter, Pucci's Mama is glad Kiefer is home, too.


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Ya, he looks like a Nash Rambler.............................

you do that to Kiefer I'll report you to the SPCA