Kiefer is home.


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Are you passing all this on to him so he realizes how much sympathy he is getting for a tooth ache............................

Krazy Kruizers

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i am glad that kiefer got his teeth taken care of -- poor baby losing 2 teeth

lots of soft food for him

good that he is home where he can rest better


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Get well soon, Buddy. Us got snows to play in .....

John, us might have snows to play in here on Saturday. They are forecasting the first bay area wide snowfall in 35 years. Conditions will be EXACTLY the same as it was then. The entire bay area is excited about this, and everyone talks about it. It would be a fun thing.. expect that the drivers here that are idiots would be even more so... sigh..


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Pucci hopes his buddy, Kiefer, will be feeling like this today.
He didn't at first. He is on Tramadol for the pain, and before I left I made sure he got it and his antibiotics. Gordon discovered the pain med pill on Kiefer's bed, and Kiefer acting like he was in pain. It took Gordon 30 min to get Kiefer to swallow the med. Two hours later, Kiefer WAS acting like the dog above! We went for a walk in the rain, and it was obvious that he wanted a ball to chase! :no: Not yet, little buddy... and not a ball. A soft frisbee will do! (I have to find them by the case, I suspect....)