Kisses(Connie) passes away


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Hooked(Mike) just called me with this horrible news and asked for me to post. I have no details at this point other than her heart. She did have heart issues in the past but those who have met her knew how big her heart really was. Connie was a fantastic person, alot of fun to be around and will be missed.

Mike I hope we still have a date to the Stegur house...

Sending hugs and good thoughts as you approach this awful pill in life.


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My heart is broken. Mike called me a bit ago to let me know. I am in shock and just can't believe it. Connie will forever be in my heart, she is one of the dearest people I've ever met.

All our love to you, Mike and to your family. Corky and Denny


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wow... i knew she was sick, but i didn't think she'd pass away on us... a total shocker to say the least... she will be missed.:huh:


Hooked sending my and Paw's deepest sympathy. We were looking forward to time with you come this fall. Hugs.


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I'am so sorry to read this sad news this morning.
My deepest sympathy goes out to you & your family.
Connie was 1 of the most friendly people I have met. I remember all the fun we had at the Radison at the Port before our group cruise on the Mariner.
She will be missed.


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Oh Dear Lord.....I am just in shock. We all knew she had these heart issues but I thought she was just getting a tune up of sorts. It just proves that with all the advances in modern medicine how dangerous these procedures are even though they are performed daily and how at risk the patient still is. I had the pleasure of meeting Connie on Mosaic and yes, she was such a sweet person and like Maw were looking forward to getting her and Mike again in October. Mike, so awfully sorry for your both are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Mike, I am so sorry to hear about Connie! I remember when we met you both on the Mosaic, and I thought you two were the greatest couple. I only wish when we were in Florida 2 years ago that we would have been able to make the trip to your new house there - we had planned on it, but then Mike and our daughter came down with the flu. Sending our deepest sympathy & prayers.

Donna & Mike


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So very sorry to hear this news. My sincerest condolences to her family. She has had such a rough time for many weeks & although she will be sadly missed by her family & friends she is now free from her pain & suffering. Although I never met her, I always followed her stories about her fur babies. She was so devoted to her fur babies that I hope someone finds as really good home for them where they will be loved they way she loved them.


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Mike - I am sitting here in disbelief as I read Suer's post. How can I begin to express how sorry I am. I knew your dear Connie had had heart issues in the past, but I thought everything was under control.

May Connie rest in peace, and my God comfort you and your family.

Please accept a cyber hug all the way from Arizona.

Suer - thank you for letting us know.

Mary Ann


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I am so sorry to read about this. I met Connie and Mike at OUR yard sale a couple of years ago just after they bought their house in Sarasota. We tried to get together later with Red and E, but I got sick.........after that 'stuff' in our life just got in the way. Their phone number is still on a post-it attached to my monitor.

Mike, you and Connie were such a lovely couple. I so regret not pushing through our personal stuff (family) in which I was mired, to pursue getting to know both of you. I guess I always thought 'there is time'. It's our loss not getting to know both of you!. I am just sooooo sorry.

People.......this is a lesson in DON'T PUT THINGS OFF!........time DOES run out!

Hugs Mike!


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A friend informed me that I had made a mistake on ConnieCat & Connie Kisses & I am so sorry. Please accept my apology for the error and please accept my sincerest condolences for this terrible loss.


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JoAnn & I send our deepest condolences to Mike & his family. We had the pleasure of meeting them both in Atlantic City a few years ago.


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I am lost for words, never met Hooked and Connie in person, felt like we knew them here at cruise addicts. My heart goes out to the family


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Marty and I send our condolences on Connie's passing. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your families during this time.



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Ive never met either of U either but felt I knew her thru Cruise Addicts,I am sitting here crying,its not fair,as life sometimes isnt,but know U are loved and cared for by all of us on this site Hooked,again may God Bless!


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"When she shall die, take her and cut her out in little stars, and she will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night."
Grieve not...nor speak of me with tears...but laugh and talk of me as though I were beside you. I loved you was heaven here with you.

With my deepest sympathy.