Kitchen Sink Brownies..

Cruise cutie

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I use THREE boxes of brownie mix..mix and match..

ie fudge, chocolate,family style ; peanut butter or walnuts brands..
bake at 325 degrees...
pre-spray with Pam spray to an 11x15 pan..
if a cake pan use 2 boxes Brownie mix...

assemble in bowl as per directions ie..Oil ,eggs, water amounts...
mix well..scrape into pan... then here's the kitchen sink part I sprinkle on peanut butter chips, chocolate chips,caramels cut into 1/4ths, coconut, chopped nuts,heath bar crumble etc....
:D everything BUT the Kitchen sink.. and 30 minutes into the baking I add ON miniature marshmallows.. (and they expand-so not TOO close to the edge of pan)..:) now remember this takes a MINIMUM of an hour & 1/2 to bake..and it's the time test toothpick method..when it comes out clean they are done..slow and low temps is the key..

enjoy!! :dance:...Joanne