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Knock em dead Elliott

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by MARIPOSA, Sep 17, 2007.


    MARIPOSA Guest

    The last of those cancer cells, that is. :thumb Best of luck kiddo on this next leg of your journey. I'm praying that this last round of chemo won't be too brutal and you believe in your heart that those new bone marrow cells will soon be running around in your body and will be the magic potion that you need to return to a healthy life again. Your friends and teachers miss you so much and want you back at school as soon as possible.

    Hang in there Aldrich's, this too will pass. Cindy, you can do this Mama!!!!! Just stay focused on work during the day and enjoy every evening that you get to hug and kiss that son of yours. Dan, we're all praying that you are able to spend as much time with Elliott as he wants and needs. God bless you all. AND I'm SURE that HE WILL keep a close eye on your family as you enter into this final stage of the treatment before the transplant.

    Now, we all need to pray for the bone marrow donor, that they will remain healthy and strong and be able to make this life saving sacrifice as planned.

    Hugs and prayers to all concerned, Mariposa
  2. Jill B

    Jill B Guest


    Adding my positive thoughts and prayers from down here.
  3. BostonsJ

    BostonsJ Guest

    Adding lots of energy from this end also. Thanks for the update Mariposa.
  4. Sailing_gal

    Sailing_gal Guest

    :thumb Count us in at this point as well. GO ELLIOT GO. :D
  5. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    keep on fighting, Elliott, you can win this one

    prayers continue
  6. elliottsmama

    elliottsmama Guest

    Here to say that the inpatient stay has been postponed until probably Thursday. His white blood count is not right. Gotta get better to get sick....
  7. Sailing_gal

    Sailing_gal Guest

    :cool: Just a ploy to take his own laptop with him. We will be thinking of
    you ALL.

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