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Korina sleeping thru the day



She got up once to go to bathroom,then I tucked her back her,she misses the feeling of her butt more than her legs,her left leg has more tingling today so hope that is a good sign,with the percocet and ibuprofen she is just out,left her for awhile to get some groceries,I walked the dogs and let them out,left her with phone,book and liquids,she isnt hungry,but then she is sound asleep,back doctor wasnt open today,going to try for Monday as I have day off but I dont think I could of got her there today as she really cant walk at all.Shes a lot less scared but very quiet which for her is not her so I worry too,hopefully sleep is the best thing for her.She says to thank you for all the posts,I read them to her,she knows they helped with the outcome.I worry about the pain she is in but she seems to be handling it by sleeping,will let you know how things progress. John

connie seabee

John, I just read the update from you last post. needless to say, I'm so glad to hear that it wasn't a stroke.
However, disk problems are very painful. I hope and pray that Korina recovers soon.

It's so nice that the kids are making Thanksgiving dinner. Please continue to keep us updated on Korina's progress.


Korina...you sleep as much as you can kiddo....When you sleep you are away from the pain and the rest will help a lot!! Hope you're able to get to the back Doctor on Monday. =hug=hug=hug


John - thank you for the update. I hope the rest will help Korina. Woofs from Pucci and hugs and prayers from me.

Mary Ann


Sleep is probably the best medicine right now - rest and relax! Let the prayers and good thoughts do their thing!



When I am in extreme pain the thing I like to do best is sleep. When I sleep I don't hurt. All the pills leave me in a fog as well and I tend to be more quiet than usual. Perhaps she is just like me with the sleeping and being quiet.

Thanks for the update. Please keep them coming.


Hugs to both of you. I just read your earlier posts, John, and am sorry to hear about what Korina's been experiencing. Sleep may be the best medicine right now. And, please take care of yourself, too, as best you can. Prayers are winging their way to both of you.


Thanks for the update, hope the pain is less every day & like everyone said sleep is the best medicine.