Labadee questions

With the current conditions in Haiti, are people avoiding going ashore in Labadee?

Are there certain vaccinations we should be getting before going?


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You don't need any vaccinations for Haiti. Labadee is a private beach on the north side of the island near the border with the Dominican Republic. Port-au-Prince is on the south side of the island. There is about 100 miles between the two. There is no reason to avoid going ashore in Labadee. Labadee is fenced off and there are security guards.

We just got off a 12 nighter and our first stop was Labadee and I have to say I was underimpressed. I found it to be nothing more than an RCI self serving enterprise. Unless you were Diamond Plus the beaches you could use were small and not overly clean. RCI didn't even ensure that all the beach goers knew where and when the buffet was being held. The scenery was beautiful but any on shore activities were very pricey and for the most part not worth the expense. We were told the vendors were not aggressive but that they would appreciate your patronage and, knowing the economic climate in Haiti, we thought we would do exactly that. To our surprise, not only did we find them EXTREMELY aggressive but they weren't even willing to barter which is virtually unheard of in the Caribbean. RCI has spend a ton of money here and it certainly is an attractive port but there is security everywhere, which while nice on one hand is kind of discomforting on the other, and, as the day winds down the amount of security not only increases but we saw several SWAT/tactical type officers converging - kind of scary, but apparently after dusk it's still a very scary place to be as it is believed that there are still many escaped convicts hiding out in the jungle after the earth quake, so I guess the security is a necessary evil. All in all, I would have to say we will probably give Labadee a pass on our next cruise or just go for a quick dip and come back to the ship.


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We love the improvements at Labadee. Really love the pier and no more tendering. It is a good beach day. We avoid the craft market and don't do excursions here either.


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Sorry for jumping in here, but now that they have the new pier I am thinking of getting off the boat and trying the little roller coaster. I was gonna do this on our last cruise back in 2010, but we got rained out and to RCCL's credit they did refund our money as we never got off the ship.

So, has anyone done the roller coaster? Is it worth it?

Allure'ing to my next cruise in May 2012