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Labadee Unrest?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by schmenge12, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. lucky

    lucky Guest

    Thanks for doing all of the foot work...I really wanted to know the history but I guess was too lazy to do the dirty work. I am very interesed though and have kept up on the news articles, but none of them have come close to what you have done...Now I can actually decide where my feelings lie....I think what most suprised me ..
    ..is that Aristide is/was a priest...the other thing that was suprising , although i had heard it earlier, was Colin Powell's comments.!
    Thanks again for the hard work.
  2. ROSS

    ROSS Guest


    Please pardon my spelling errors and sketchy dates etc. I just did this brief synopsis off the top of my head before I left the office last night. I should have written a disclaimer LOL!!! Back in 1998, I did my Masters Teacher Certification at the Graham and Parks School in Cambridge, Mass. which was the Creole Center for the Cambridge School System. I got to know and interact with the kids and their families. The Haitian people have a very strong family/work ethic and they have an incredible will to succeed.

    This mornings' news indicates that the USA will resist sending troops to quell the revolt. I do not think that proping up Aristide is a good idea. He has indicated that he has more in common with Cuba than the USA, even though we supported him the last time around.

    I really believe that the Haitians need a strong Capitalist economy that will propel them into the 21st. Century. The only way this will happen is if they come together and pool their meager resources and land to rebuild a modern society. This will require a strong central government devoid of all the intrigue and political maneuvering. In short, these people need a lucky break.

  3. oceanblue

    oceanblue Guest

    Thanks for all the info Ross............good to know the big picture.
  4. servpro8912

    servpro8912 Guest

    Here's an update as of this evening:

    February 18, 2004

    Royal Caribbean Halts Calls to Haiti’s Labadee
    Royal Caribbean, the only major cruise line to call at Haiti -- via Labadee, its "private" beach-resort area on the northern coast, has suspended stops for at least the next two weeks. That's because of increasing violence -- and the possibility of a coup d'etat as Haitians are revolting against its current government.

    The ships that are impacted this week include:

    *Passengers on Explorer of the Seas and Voyager of the Seas, both sailing the Western Caribbean, will get an extra sea day.

    *Navigator of the Seas, on an Eastern Caribbean swing, will spend extra time in San Juan during a regularly scheduled port call there.

    Next week, the following will be affected by the rescheduling:

    *Brilliance of the Seas, whose itinerary touches on islands in both the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, will call at Royal Caribbean's Coco Cay, its private island, instead of Labadee.

    *Navigator of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas, both sailing the Western Caribbean, will spend an extra day at sea.

    In a statement, Royal Caribbean says that the moves are a response to the uncertainty in Haiti -- but that its beachfront area is far removed from the recent unrest. It notes that the company "looks forward to resuming port calls in Labadee in the very near future."
  5. Dolores

    Dolores Guest


    Thanks for the history lesson! I homeschool my kids, and with your permission, I am printing this out to discuss with my daughter before we go on our cruise in August.

    Thanks again,
  6. ROSS

    ROSS Guest


    You can do that or you can go to MSN and just search on Haiti and I am sure that you get more information. There are some good books on Haitian history that you can find at your library. I think that the history of Haiti is fascinating and very neglected.

    It is imortant to note that there are certain state representatives and members of congress who have supported Aristide in the past (these same people are also advancing the socialist agenda) and they are now calling on Pres. Bush to prop up this tyrant in the name of Democracy...Incredible as that might seem. We have a state rep. in our town of Somerville who is openly socialist and has supported Aristide from
    day 1. We also have a small Haitian population that is afraid to speak out because of the threat of reprisals to their relatives in Haiti.

    This morning's Boston Globe had a picture and story about the "hit squads" that Aristide has placed out in the streets. They are armed with M4 carbines and 9mm pistols...they also sport names such as "shot in the head" and "caesarean section". This is just another form of the Ton Ton Macoutes that were so terrifying durring the reign of Duvalier...Horrendous!!

    It really kills me to think of how beautiful Haiti could be if order and justice were finally borught to this place. It is hard to imagine that the chaos has gone on for more than 500 years...non stop!!! What a sad situation and a disgrace to humanity. I still feel that the French were/are at the root of these problems. We are still paying for the thousands of slaves who were slaughtered at the hands of the French...it is estimated that more than 100,000 slaves were worked to death in Haiti durring the French rule...how accurate that figure is I can not say.

  7. GippyP

    GippyP Guest

    I must chime in, too, to say "thank you" for the history lesson. I enjoy history, but get bogged down by too many facts. Your explanation was perfect. Is there really anything that "we" can do to assist this country? I certainly do not have any position of power.(unless the dishes don't get washed!)

    Thanks again for the great lesson!

  8. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI PATTY!!

    I do believe that RCI has made a little bit of a start at Labadee. The Haitians need to mark off about 5 square miles of Port-Au-Prince and invite outside corporations to come in. The Haitians need to take their meager US allottments and put it to work in this direction. They need to establish law and order and they need to be able to protect Capitalist interests so they might grow and prosper...without the threat of a socialist take-over. Other islands have tried and failed. Jamaica keeps gravitating to a socialist direction and they continue to fail. Trinidad once had a strong capital production program that was weakened with a socialist regime...and they continue to discourage inverstment.

    You have to understand that Capitalism is harsh but it is the only way for these islands to attract investment for real long term growth and prosperity...Then the tourism thing will become 2nd. to production and profits. It is really hard to travel to these places and see that most of the population depends on cruise ships and tourists to come and spend money. It is a lot more fun to land at an island that has healthy employment and a positive outlook on the future.


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