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Land tours and a cruise through Princess

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Frank Black, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    Princess offers 6 day land tours in Europe as a package to be used before some of their cruises. Does anyone know which Tour operator they use for these tours? How are the hotels rated? Do they use the likes of Ramada and Holiday Inn or more like Intercontinental and Meridien?
  2. cactusrose

    cactusrose Guest

    I don't know specifically who they will use in Europe, but they used 5 star hotels in Australia and New Zealand. We stayed at two resorts in the North (Dunk Island and Silky Oaks), the Sheraton in Auckland and the Four Seasons in Sydney. If they do the same quality in Europe, you won't be dissapointed.
  3. sailinsal

    sailinsal Guest

    Two years ago we did a 7 day precruise with Princess. Italy, Northern and Lakes, Switzerland, St. Mortiz, Austria, Insbruck and Saltzburg, It was the absoute greatest trip we have ever taken. The hotels,,,,,,,,,,were top, the food and the sites fabulous. There were about 24 of us and we had a whole bus to ourselves................had two drivers and the tour guides extremely intelligent and versed on the areas we visited. We left from Munich after visiting the Black Forest and the castles there. We then boarded the Baltic ten day cruise leaving from Copenhagen. So we always suggest using pretours with Princess.

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