Lasagna was nice <foodpic>



I even added italian parsley. it was very yum Lasagna. beef and turkey sausages ;) I am not a pro at cooking but this is the best i could do. My lasagna was so so YUMM!!!! i was able to come out with 12 slices. i shreded 2 blocks of cheeses :) i used some canned sauce and made some of my own sauce caus i have no idea what i am doing here. me is very full now ;)

edited to say i know i need to clean the toaster. but all that mess makes the bagels taste better ;)

Cruise cutie

Whoo HOO!!..:chef.. you did it.. may it be the first of many tries into great foods.. Thanks for the share ..:)..Joanne


Looks like success, Duskbat! Now you can send some to me too. :)

I wouldn't want to clean that pan though....


Well it certainly looks very Yummy!! I can just sense sopping up the juices with garlic bread. Mmmm-mmmm-good!!!


You are getting to be quite the cook,I like the fact that men like to cook as well,I am fairly good,even used to own a restaurant with 1st hubby and was the chef but my husband(now)can whip up anything,makes up his own recipes knows just what spices to throw in and we have a yummy dish,he cooks 2 to 3 times a week,I LOVE him!Looks like you are doing real good as well!


Good Job looks good.

Reggae when you have a pan like that wet it and empty all but a small amount of water out. Sprinkle with table salt and soak. It will remove most of the stuck on. But I also buy a product called Greased Lightening. I get it at Walmart, the supermarket even Home Depot has it. Wooooshhhhhh it works very well and even takes off baked on grease on glass baking pans.


hi duskbat-

bravo. your lasagna looks dee-lish. if you love to cook, you must check out this website. it's the most amazing culinary website ever. recipes, know-how, restaurants , ingredients, regional info etc. you will love it. next to C@'s, it's the website i spend the most time on. congrats on your lasagna! gotta go prepare to break the fast. enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Judy, my favorite Erma Bombeck handy hint is to give the last piece of lasagna to a neighbor. Then they return the pan all clean and ready to put back in your cupboard. LOL

Looks great Duskbat. Next time you can experiment with the different sizes of lasagna noodles. I have tried both the wide and thin noodles. Each gives a different texture to the dish. My Italian chef friend sometimes adds sliced black olive, as well as grated Asagio and Romano cheese.. Nice touch. Each time he makes it, it is different. Once he added lots of spinach and used a white sauce instead of a red sauce and that one was witout any meat, very nice change.Another time he used sliced zucchini instead of the noodles.

So keep experimenting, cooking can be really fun.

Hugs, Mari