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Last Attempt--Celestial Ship


Paul B


I have posted this on two evenings, and everything shortly disappeared. I'll try one more time, since I know some of you like this kind of thing. This is dedicated to all the board members, their families or friends who have embarked on their final great cruise.

Celestial Ship

I dreamed I saw a golden cruising ship
With gleaming decks that reached toward the sky,
Just lifting anchor for a fabled trip,
To sail into the clouds and touch the sky.

And greeted there by friends from long ago
And loved ones who were gone for many years,
To hear once more a long lost fond hello,
And meet the cheerful throng with happy tears.

What myriad wonders that my eyes could see
With famous paintings there on every wall.
Great artists and composers meeting me,
With music from some mighty concert hall.

The cusine on that ship beyond compare
With renowned chefs from every age and clime.
And waiters without equal served the fare,
And every cruiser called the meals sublime.

What shows there were upon that mystic cruise,
Performers from the present and the past,
With Shakespear's newest plays and witty views,
Great dancers, singers, actors in the cast.

At tea that day, I met Diogenes
Who told me that he'd found an honest man,
Then Chopin playeds piano bar to please,
And Nero served the drinks with great elan.

The ports we saw were fine beyond compare,
Alexandria, Rome and Athens in their prime.
But then, I woke just dozing in my chair.
That ship must cruise with me some future time.

Paul B


thank you so much. I was hoping you would post this again. I am saving it right now.
thanks again


Paul, thanks for the repost. This is my first time to see it. Wonderful poem. Thanks again, Seawall


OK. I finally have it saved, both times it was up on the board I had to go away from my computer and alas each time I came back it was gone. Don't know if you got to read what I posted before but I will just say this time that your words had great meaning for me and came at a time when I needed them. Hope Peggy's Mom is doing well.


Paul, sorry we have been having problems. Please know that its not us doing it intentionaly.


Thanks so much for the wonderful poem. I didn't see it before, so I really appreciate your reposting it.


Paul - I saved it the first night I saw it - as a geriatric nurse it really hits home; plus having lost my mother 7 years ago this spring it still brought me comfort - wish I could have taken a cruise with her.