Latest update on my friend Priscilla


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She is recovering very well. She went home from the hospital July 27th and is getting around remarkably on her own with just her wheelchair and walker. Last week she got her staples out and is now wearing a compression stocking to shape her stump. This week she goes in to have a cast taken of her stump so they can begin making her first temporary prosthetic. She said her permanent one won't be for at least a year since it takes that long for the stump to completely heal and form to it's final shape. We are still going on our cruise at the end of next month, but even if she has a prosthetic by then, we are of course taking the wheelchair. We don't have a handicap cabin since that is not what we booked and there are none available, but she said she will be fine as long as they have a shower chair we can put in the shower. And she is still in good spirits. I called her last Thursday to see what the doctor said and that's when she told me about going back this week for the casting, etc. So I asked her what kind of prosthetic would her first one be....and in typical joking Priscilla form...she said, "I don't know....guess a stick with a foot!"


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Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how she was getting on. Glad to hear that she's on the mend. Please give her my best. Since she apparently has not lost her sense of humor, and in keeping with making lemonade out of lemons ... you might bring her an eye-patch and a pirate flag ... Arrrgggghhhhh!



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So glad to hear she is coming along well and is keeping an upbeat attitude. I am also glad she is going on the cruise. She deserves a nice vacation. Thanks for the update.


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Nita, I am beyond happy that you guys are finally getting to cruise together. Oh my gosh, she was waited for this for a long time. Yahoo! That attitude of hers is going to be her best ally through this bump in her life, that's for sure. Have a great great time, and please tell Priscilla that she gets a fist pump from me!


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Glad to hear she is doing so well. I think the cruise will be good for her after all she has been thru. So happy that the two of you are able to go.


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HIGH FIVE to Priscilla! :doubleup: What a great attitude. HAVE FUN planning the cruise. I bet you are going to have the time of your lives! :sunny::boogie:


Good news all the way around it seems. Glad you are going on cruise-boB knows how to make great peg legs-Paw haws gotten so many laughs out of his the Dr.s asked him to bring it in to share with others .

Wishing many happy days ahead.


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I'm happy to read that Priscilla has progressed both physically and in spirit through her ordeal. I know that you will both enjoy your cruise!