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She had the surgery this morning. I haven't seen or talked to her of course since the surgery, since I knew she would be basically out of it after surgery for the rest of the day. However, the doctor did call her brother in Colorado after the procedure and I talked to him around 11:00 this morning. The doctor told him the amputation went fine and she came through the surgery great and was in recovery. I asked him how far below the knee they had to amputate, but he said he didn't even think to ask the doctor that question since he was just relieved to know she came through the surgery great. I know the doctor was going to try and save as much of her leg as possible, but wouldn't know how much until they got in there to see how much of the bone was infected. The infection was in her shin area, so I'm hoping the amputation was several inches below the knee. I will go see her tomorrow if she is up to having visitors. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.