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Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by dana, May 10, 2004.

  1. dana

    dana Guest

    is there a laundry room on carribean princess? if so where is it located, and how much is it to do a load of laundry? thanks
  2. CruisJack

    CruisJack Guest

    dana wrote:

    > hi
    > is there a laundry room on carribean princess? if so where is
    > it located, and how much is it to do a load of laundry? thanks

    Ahoy Dana :)
    I have sailed on the Grand and Star Princess and the Caribbean Princess
    has a similar deck plan and it has one additional deck more than the
    other Grand class ships.
    There is a laundry room on each passenger deck near the aft of the ship.
    There are usually two to four washers and the same number of dryers.
    On our last Princess cruise, the washers was $1 and required four
    quarters for each load. I don't remember exactly the cost to use the
    dryers but I believe it was two quarters.
    There are also ironing boards and steam irons in each laundry room.

    Here's wishing you fair skies and calm seas for your cruise. :)
  3. JJhanly

    JJhanly Guest

    Keep in mind that everyone is lookng for an iron late afternoon on the formal nights, so lines on those days are normal in my experience.

    Also we have had a couple of cases of someone taking our clothes out of the dryer & putting theirs in before they were dry. This is obviously very annoying. If you choose to use the laundry facilities it is a good idea to hang around & keep an eye on your stuff.
  4. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    The laundry rooms sure are convenient! I would recommend being there when your clothes are finished (or very shortly thereafter) the cycle of both washer and dryer to get them out!! It's polite to those that are waiting for a machine! Time is precious on a cruise :grin
  5. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Yes they have very nice laundry rooms. I like to send ours out to be cleaned when we are on a cruise, I do enough laundry at home :lol they have great valet laundry services onboard if you don't feel like do laundry.
  6. dreamer

    dreamer Guest

    I'm with you Laurie!!! I do laundry for 6 at home....when I am on vacation...I don't want to worry about it. I needed a blouse done so I could wear it again later in the week...it was nice...it matched everything!!! I also had my bathing suit cover up washed.
    I loved it!!!
    Quick and easy and didn't break the bank.
  7. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    :thumb it's the only way to go when on vacation.
  8. marc334

    marc334 Guest

    there are laundry rooms on ship they are near your room-not sure of cost-irong boards-change machns-dt vend mach in rooms-very clean
  9. magooq

    magooq Guest

    If you can, bring some dryer sheets with you. On the golden princess, they only had liquid softner/downy for sale $1.00. This meant you had to stay through the whole cylcle.
  10. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    Want to see a pic of a laundry room on the Diamond? Almost all the way forward on the starboard side, Dolphin Deck.
    <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/2269/A0065.jpg>
  11. ndc

    ndc Guest

    I just went on the Carribean Princess last week and the laundry room wasn't as big as the one in the picture above. There are laundry rooms on the Riviera, Aloha, Baja , Caribe, Dolphin, Emerald and Plaza deck. It's $1 to wash and $1 to dry. Don't buy the laundry soap from the Gift Shop, its more expensive and didn't have a brand name. The machines in the laudry rooms have Tide, Clorox 2 and Bounty liquid. All $1 each. I thought it was very convenient and cheaper to do laundry myself and didn't bother to bring detergent from home (too much of a hassle). I would suggest bringing a couple of dryer sheets which you can always use in the bathroom as an air freshener too. Hope that helps.
  12. Ritmo

    Ritmo Guest

    How did you attach a picture to your answer?
  13. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    Put the address of the picture in this format, but without the quotation (" ") marks.

    "<"img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/image.php/2269/A0065.jpg">"

    Post Edited (05-28-04 03:23)
  14. Ritmo

    Ritmo Guest

    Thanks, Sharkin :)

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