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Le Havre and area



Will be in Le Havre in late September on the Oosterdam. I gather the trip to Paris takes 2-3 hours? If this is the case I think we may just stay in the local area. Can anyone recommend a private tour company for the D-Day beaches and smaller communities in Normandy? Thanks for all suggestions.


We were in LeHavre on the Rotterdam in July - and took the Normandy Beaches/WWII tour [ it is expensive] and it was the highlight of our cruise! I am well read and had prepared by reading a bunch on the Normandy landings - but NOTHING prepared me for the actuality! I learned SO MUCH by actually going there! The problem with arranging your own tour in that area - is the vastness of the landings. I was under the assumption that France is a small country; Normandy is a part of that; the beach area etc was even smaller- That we are talking about a -"No more than 10 mile area" -In actuality the Normandy front on the landings was FIFTY_FIVE MILES LONG!!!!!!! You cannot "see it all" in one day [ in fact -a WEEK would probably be too short] but the tour we were on was VERY well done - lunch at the Omaha Beach Golf Club - and I felt we saw all that would be practical to see in ONE DAY! Lunch is included in your tour and it is around 9 hours.
Several people at our table went into Paris and said they were VERY disappointed because "No time was allowed for shopping" but they spent quite a bit of time - in very heavy traffic -driving around MAJOR shopping areas! When one VERY frustrated lady asked why "We aren't allowed ANY shopping time" the guide told her coldly " Madam -this is an over-view for when you RETURN on your OWN" And her comment was "Sure- Like WHEN am I ever going to get to Paris again?"