Leftover Credit in Onboard Account


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Hi everyone,

I just returned from a quick but nice cruise onboard the Monarch of the Seas. One of the stops during our cruise was a Coco Cay (a bit of a disappointment if you ask me). Anyway unfortunately due to 'choppy seas' our shore excursion was canceled and even though I paid for the tour via credit card before our cruise it was refunded to my onboard account. I figured this was not a big deal because I assumed I would use all the money though after the cruise ended I noticed on my statement I still had a few dollars of onboard credit remaining.

So anyway I was wondering, does RCI refund the remaining balance to my credit card or will they refuse to do this? Normally I would not care but since they canceled my shore excursion I would like to get my money back

Thanks for your help!


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To the best of my knowledge the money will go back on ther original credit card. If you booked directly with Royal Caribbean I would give them a call. If you booked through a travel agent you should get them involved.