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Legend of the Sea Questions

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Regan, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Regan

    Regan Guest

    We are thinking about taking the Australian/New Zealand cruise for our 30th Wedding Anniversay in Feb 04. Would appreciate any help you guys can provide to the following questions:

    What is the size of a Cat A Cabin? Does it have a separate (divided) sitting area? We have always cruised with Princess (Dawn, Ocean, Golden) and have booked the suite or mini-suite. Anyone know how would the Legand suite compares with ones on Princess?

    How is the entertainment? Do the show changes frequently enough? On Princess, they change about every 2 days so that ones does not get bored.

    How are the on-board activities? We enjoy bingo, horse racing, trivia games, etc. We are not spa or fitness people. Does the Legend have enough activities to keep passengers entertained during the days at sea?

    How is the food and service? We have had wonderful experiences with Princess. Does the Legend have good food and wonderful service?

    I know you are probably thinking that since I'm so sold on Princess, why I just don't book with them again. The answer is two-fold. First, I love the itinerary that RCC/Legend has for the Australia/New Zealand cruise. Second, we were married on Feb 14th, and RCC/Legend will be cruising on said cruise on that date -- Princess will not.

    Would appreciate any help you can provide to ease my troubled mind about booking on the RCC's Legend. Thanks very much! Happy cruising.
  2. Bec1844

    Bec1844 Guest

    Both my husband and I wil be on that very cruise. I would be interested in getting your answers too. I have been checking out some of the local shore excursions. We booked a catagory D with a possible upgrade.
  3. Regan

    Regan Guest

    Wow, you're already booked! Aren't you excited! I'm still trying to get my husband's wholehearted approval. I sure hope someone will repond to my questions and give us some insight into the RCC's Legend. I really would like to feed a kanaroo!
  4. Dobie

    Dobie Guest

    We sailed on the Legend a few years ago. Have been on RCI maybe 8 times, Princess probably 5 or 6. They are very comparable. Try www.cruisestateroom.com to see the size and layout of staterooms on any ship you can imagine. On the Legend we had an outside cabin with a balcony, sofa bed, refrigerator, and we loved it. We had friends who had an even higher category and their balcony was larger with lounge chairs and they had a bigger living area also a bathtub. Sorry I don't remember the categories, but we were very happy. Entertainment comparable on both lines I would think.
  5. Regan

    Regan Guest

    Dobie, Thanks for info! I will certainly try out the site for staterooms. I really appreciate your response. Thanks again :)
  6. Toto

    Toto Guest

    The last time we were on the Legend we were in a Category B (used to be called a C) and went to many parties in the A suites. They have two rooms seperated by glass paneled doors, A large living area with entertainment center, sofa, chair, medium sized diningroom table, large balcony,huge bath with sepearate whirlpool Tub and shower, and a nice bedroom area. The only thing we didn't like about the A suite is that you had to walk thorough the bedroom to get to the living area.
    Our friends that were booked in one actually liked the layout of the B suite more, so either one is a very good choice, you should enjoy it!
  7. Regan

    Regan Guest

    Thanks, Toto. I read you're review of your Austrailian/New Zealand trip. It sounds like a wonderful experience. You make me even more excited about going! Thanks for info. I really do appreciate your response.
  8. Helen

    Helen Guest

    We loved the Legend. Also love Princess. The room, I thought, was much prettier and more functional on the Legend. Going on her sister ship, the Spleandour, in Dec. Helen

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