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Realized after I posted our review on the epinions.com site that I couldn't post it here too, or anywhere else on the web. Darn copy write laws! So I though I would just post the link if anyone is interested in reading it. We were on the same cruise with Wayne and Tommie in February and March (Sydney to Singapore).

Libby and Bob

Hi Toto -
This may be a dplicate of a note I just sent, but I'm not sure if it went through.....
Your review was fantastic - we've been on the Legend 3 times and go back in August for the Scandinavia/St. Petersburg itinerary. We've been lucky enough to have Captain Thomas Wildung as our Captain all three times, and he's scheduled to be coming back on the ship in August. However - he's never had a wife with him on the previous cruises, and if he's recently been married, we'd like to take a gift with us for them. But we'd be embarrassed if he's been married for awhile, but Linda just hadn't accompanied him before. Had she been on your previous cruise a year ago when you sailed on the Legend?
Glad you had a great time - makes us eager to go back on the ship again!