Leon could use a few prayers


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I got a call at work this morning that Leon was having chest pain, so I called 9-1-1 from work and told them to send the ambulance and fire department paramedics. To make a long story short, he's now in the Hillcrest Heart Hospital here in town and will have a Stress test and whatever else they decide to do, in the morning. So far, it doesn't look like a heart attack, but they don't really know what it might be. At least he's in a new facility with some of my favorite doctors, so he's in good hands. He's understandibly nervous, and would welcome any prayers or good thoughts sent his way.


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Oh, Sister, I'm so very sorry to read this. Know that prayers and good thoughts are winging their way from Jersey.

{{{{HUGS}}}} to you both.


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He has two weeks to get up to speed. Otherwise he will miss out on the 6 hour free tour of downtown Ensenada
No refunds....

Our thoughts are with him.


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Loads of prayers and good thoughts are on the way! ...and they'll keep flying until we hear that Leon is in the pink again!


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Prayers that Leon is doing much better. Prayers winging their way to his side. And for you too.

If it's just gas or something like that he definitely does not want to go ashore in Ensanada.


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Prayers are being said for Honorary Dad. Please give him my love and tell him we are all thinking of him. And, hugs to you, too, Jacquie.


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Oh no....hate to get this kind of news about one of our @ddicts. We will keep Leon in our prayers Jacquie! Please give him our best regards.


Jaquie so sorry to hear Leon in hospital.. Just praying it is nothing major and you can go on your Saphire cruise and enjoy it. Hugsfrom Maw and Paw--Hang in there both of you.


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The Leon update from the stress test is that there is a spot on the back of his heart that isn't getting the blood supply that it should. He will have a heart cath tomorrow (Thursday) so we can see exactly what is going on, and if anything is as much as 75%blocked, it will get a stent. Right now, they're not expecting to do any bypasses, but they won't know until they check it out. Please keep the prayers coming!