Leon update


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Fantastic news, thanks to all your prayers and good thoughts! After all of Leon's lines were pulled this morning, he started getting lots better, so the doctor released him this afternoon. He's very sore and he has bruises everywhere, but he's at home and doing well. It's amazing that a doctor can be poking around in your heart one day and sending you home the next! We can't begin to say enough good things about his care, and we are so thankful for both the great care and great friends.


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That is scary that they are releasing patients so early. That is dating me as I am used to having to stay in hospital for ages! But patients do recover faster at home plus the food is better! Hopefully he can recover & go on his line-up of cruises.



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I was so happy to hear this when you got the call he was being released. It's been a weekend, hoping he has had a lot of rest and is probably up doing things? Much easier to rest and recoop at home.


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Hope Leon has continued to get stronger. You have a CRUISE to get ready for, so I'm sure that is more motivation! Very happy to hear the good news.


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Just spent a week with Leon, he is looking good.................................
said he hasn't felt this good in a long time.


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Came home to a telephone call on the answering machine saying that Leon needs a pacemaker, so we'll be going to the doc May 9to see when this happens. I personally don't think a message like that should be left on an answering macine, but we had a feeling it was coming, so that gives us something else to do before Alaska. AARRGGGHHHH


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Yikes Jacquie I have to agree about the delivery of that news! Will keep those prayers going for Leon and I hope everthing can be worked out before that next cruise.


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Aargh!! No, that is not a mssg that s/b left. Sending our best wishes to Leon that he has a speedy recovery. XOXO


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The latest Leon Update is that "the powers that be" don't feel that his condition requires a pacemaker "at this time". My question was "then why did you leave a message on the answering machine that he did need it?" I believe someone's head is on the chopping block over that one. Alaska, full steam ahead!