Let Round 3 begin, BRING IT ON!



Well, I’ll never be ready for this, it just happened waaay to fast, but let the games begin and I’ll dig out my armor and fight the good fight! At least I’ve found out where the enemy has begun mobilizing. Those bi-yearly mammograms don’t detect if the cancer has metastasized to other places, but a recent CTscan found them huddled in my Lungs, Liver and several Lymph nodes. This is a normal migration for many breast cancer cases. But the most bothersome and shocking new discovery is that the irritating ‘blurry’ spot in my right field of vision, which I’ve been experiencing for a couple weeks now, is from ‘choroidal metastasis’, or a growth behind the retina. Yikes. If the chemo does not irradicate this location, I will receive a beam of radiation to the eye. (do you think my eye will glow in the dark like a cat’s eye? LOL) My research uncovered the bothersome fact that 37% of breast cancer metastasis is to the eyes. Who knew?

I really don’t want to disclose this fact because I don’t want to frighten others who are also monitoring their own breast cancer, but I feel I must. When breast cancer gets to the stage that it invades the eye this is a sign of ‘advanced metastasis’. Not sure what the implications are from this point on. My oncologist and I decided we will do tests after the chemo is all over and will discuss what my prognosis is at that point. Oh joy, I get to wait over 12 weeks to hear this one. GEEZ

On Saturday my sister will be arriving from Seattle to spend a few days with me. She is going to cook up a storm to stock my freezer. Yippee.

OK my faithful troops, here is where I need your prayers. This is my grueling battle plan for the next week. Post it on your computer and refer to it often:

Mon: Bone scan

Tues: 2 molars extracted (must have all dental work completed before beginning chemo due to high risk of infection)

~Instruction on my port (the pic line which will remain till the end of chemo so they don’t have to keep jabbing me

for labs and infusion treatments over the next 3 months)

~ Instruction in chemotherapy and prescriptions for

medication, including those magic little red pills that keep

me from becoming nauseated.

Wed Try to rest up from having teeth pulled & monitor closely for any signs of infection.

Thurs All day event – insert port - monitor. This is done with ‘twilight sleep’. My shoulder will be sore from this.

Fri First chemotherapy session of Taxal which will last only 1 hour.

H2O babe

My heart goes out to you Mariposa - I'm so sorry that you received this news. I have been praying for you. I have a friend who has breast cancer (it's the inflammatory kind - her breast was burning and she thought it was an infection and they treated it with antibiotics for 3 weeks before the Dr. finally decided to do further checking) so I've been keeping both of you in my prayers a lot lately. I will continue my prayer vigil for you and please know that others who haven't even met you care about you and your situation. I hope that you find strength in that.




I have no cleaver words to offer, just love and much understanding as you are aware that I know what you are about to take on. I am here for you, always.


Got your e-mail. We are very concerned. Prayers, as always, are going out daily. Can only wish we had half the courage you are displaying every day.


I wish you all the very best in the coming weeks. And thanks for including us in your journey. I hope that none of us need to refer back to your notes, but we do have a reference should it come to that for any of us.

God bless.



Mari......prayers and love........St. Peregrine ......hope and joy...........peace.


Mari much luv, hugs and prayers for you. Hang on and keep up that positive attitude. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Ronda, please know that I'm keeping you in my prayers....

Got your email, too, and I'll be thinking of you this week ((((Ronda))))


Sending my prayers to you. On a side note, you may benefit from acupuncture during the chemo. Can help to keep you from feeling too bad.



Ooh, Mariposa......you have a very strong plan and we are your backup! Keep fighting and you will win! We are all behind you and you have our positive thoughts and prayers all along the way!

Are you allowed to bring a laptop with you for treatments to keep you occupied? You might not be able to access the internet but you could play solitare or other games you have saved. Just a thought.



I'am so very sorry to hear of this awful road you have to go down again, just know that prayer's & good thought's are on the way to you from MN.


My prayers and good wishes are coming yur way again Mari--just keep the faith and attitude you have they will help bring yu thru. Hugs Maw


Ronda/Mari (not that I don't like your real name, but you are Mari to us.......it fits your outlook and fortitude (Mari/Merry).......You are in my thoughts and prayers and just a reminder that all of us @ddicts are in your corner doing our part to fight this battle with you.

Don't think of the discomfort in your shoulder as pain from your pic line.......think of it as all of us @ddicts sitting there whispering encouragement in your ears. I know we are heavy when we all get together in one spot like that.



Ronda, you will be in my thoughts and prayers all week as you begin this round of treatments. Your state of mind has so much to do with your recovery, and I know that your strength is amazing. Keep up the good fight, and you will win this round too.

Thank you for your sharing of your trials. You have helped me so much to understand what people I care about are going through, and given me the tools to help those I care about in their travels through the landmines of their cancer fights. I can give that back to you 100 fold. Bless you.

Cruise cutie

Hugs Mari, prayers, and caring.. keep faith, and we are always here for you..:angel..Joanne...


Hey..sending you all the best of the best........do you still love butterflies just as much? I noticed Rubysky chose her gif well!

Hope I'm not repeating myself as I'm sure I typed this beyond just thoughts but Jer may have clicked off my half written post before I sent it. If I can ask a favour of a beautiful gift from you when it is least tasking.........or of any of the other @ddicts here that may have saved them (we've got a new computer since I saved them in my old email box)....could you forward one of your early chemo tips posts (or put it on a new thread as I'm sure so many can use them for friends) so I can share them with my friend who will go through her first bout of chemo next week? I'd love your tips so I can make her a basket of funny fuzzy socks, mint tea etc.......

For all your suffering, as we've said in many ways before, you brighten the lives of many after you with your words. You inspire me too.


Here is another addict praying for you, and all your support systems. May the doctors be given the knowledge to get you through this new battle with a minimum of discomfort.