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Lets Hear the Gripes about Cruising

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jefft, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. jefft

    jefft Guest

    What torques you the most?
  2. NewNCrusin

    NewNCrusin Guest

    People that make everything negative. Cruising is good, even when its not great! :)
  3. buck-i-chic

    buck-i-chic Guest

    Not getting an email address of someone you met...lol
  4. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    carnival bashing
  5. Don B

    Don B Guest

    It irks me that I didn't stay in college so I would make enough money to go cruising at least 3 times a year!
  6. They have the NERVE to make me get off the ship at the end of the cruise!!! And that is honestly the only complaint I have.
  7. TravlinTam

    TravlinTam Guest

    I almost didn't even look at this thread, but looking at the posts, I will have to say

    NOTHING! I love to cruise! I love the people, the atmosphere, everything!
  8. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    1. I have to get in a car, on an airplane and then a bus, when what I want to do is get on a ship.

    2. I have to get in the back of every line that leads wherever I want to go.

    3. They insist on taking my picture before I have a tan.

    4. I always have to do the lifeboat drill and the ship never sinks.

    5. My chest isn't hairy enough to win any contests.

    6.The Caribbean ports are hot.

    7. The impoverished natives don't seem to be content to stay that way.

    8. The jungles and ruins are not located conveniently close to the ports.

    9. I have to get back on the ship to avoid paying for lunch.

    10. Gawkers are discouraged from using the funnel deck.

    11. The shows don't seem to be Broadway quality, though I've never been.

    12. The judges in the karaoke contest don't appreciate my talent.

    13. My Sail and sign bill is always higher than my cruise fare.

    14. The midnight buffets are past my bedtime.

    15. People give me dirty looks when I save seats at the pool for 3 hours.

    16. I never learn my way around the ship until the last day.

    17. The Captain never remembers my name.

    18. The food isn't that good and there isn't enough of it.

    19. The towel animals fall apart when you pick them up.

    20. I still can't remember the moves to "Macarena." .
  9. Erinm

    Erinm Guest

    Gripes??? I would have to agree with southernladyblue, how dare they ask me to leave after I sleep in their beds and eat their food for 7 days. They have to pay their staff to stay on and yet I'm willing to stay on for free! :)
  10. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    Overweight sweaty men with hairy back, sans shirt, in the buffet line in front of me. Yikes!
  11. Smithers853

    Smithers853 Guest

    Having to come back home and cook, clean dishes, make my bed, and not have an exciting destination out of my living room window.....cruising truly is amazing....and that is what makes me cruise some more..
  12. TinaLee

    TinaLee Guest

    I can help with one of those Mr. Utley...

    <img src=http://home.att.net/~JBT-DMC/graphic/macarena.gif>

    Most of the others, I agree with completely!
  13. megamind

    megamind Guest

    People that don't complete the paperwork. At check-in, they are the ones causing the line to back up. I just want to get on the boat, not wait while someone fills out the Bahama immigration forms, sail and sign card applications, and everything else needed to get onboard. Wish I could just send them to the back of the line while those ready, get on the boat.

  14. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Ok you got me started...The restarant services onboard spoil me in that when I get off the ship and a day later walk into a restaurant, I eat and walk out and forget to pay! :lol
  15. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    ken 2001, that would be me too!!

  16. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Micheal..I know I'm now in good company! :lol

    Dang embarrasing somtimes! :lol
  17. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I'm with you Ken, when I get off the ship, I can't find a decent replacement for my waiter. I tried to train my wife but all that did was get me a week on the couch :(
  18. Don B

    Don B Guest

    I tried to surprise my wife with a towel animal once, but I must have mis-understood what she meant...
  19. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Too funny Don!!
  20. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Very funny Guys! :lol

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