Lets Introduce ourselves!



<HTML>The newbie ship has arrived! We've got a new load...lets tell them a little about us :wave

My husband Bill and I are from central Illinois (land of Lincoln) we have our own Electrical supply business.
Been on 6 cruises, and have 3 more booked.
Radisson Mariner Nov 15
HAL Zaandam Jan 13
Princess Star April 27

Smooth sailing


<HTML>Seawall, from the SW Louisiana, Texas Border. Been on four cruises, once a year since 98, and have been on Cruise-@ddicts since this board itself was a newbie!!</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Judy! I'm Christy and my husband R.B. and I are taking our second cruise in December. The first was on Millennium in April for our 5th anniversary. The December on is on the Norwegian Sun and is for my 31st birthday.
I am a contract technical writer/business analyst, doomed to spend most of my non-cruising days in a corporate cube farm. I am currently at Wachovia (formerly First Union) in Charlotte.
My husband is (deep breath) "First Assistant Superintendent of Golf Course Maintenance" at a country club here in Charlotte.
This is a great board!</HTML>


<HTML>Einstein from the Triad of NC. Lived in NY for 20+ years and have been a damn yankee for the past 12 years, well maybe just a yankee now since I have made it past the 10 year hump. Been on 6 cruises on 5 different cruiselines and hope to do many more in the future. Until then I curve my addiction by spending a majority of my time here.

<img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/picturepost/galleries/468/thumbE_CA7.jpg></HTML>


<HTML>Hi Christy, I used to live in Chester, SC and spent a great deal of time in Charlotte, as our coporate office was located there. Also played golf in Pineville. Which course does your hubby manage?</HTML>


<HTML>Toto and Pudgey from Central Kansas.
We own a Plumbing Business here in the small town of Chapman and try to take at least two cruises, you noticed the at least two part didn't you, per year.
First cruise was back in 1986 for me and Pudgey's was in 1992.
12 Cruises so far with 13th and 14th in the wings.
Next up:
Millennium- November 4th with our friend Aussie Traveler from Sydney, AU.
Crown Princess back to backs in February, Hawaii/Tahiti.Hawaii
After that......................who knows.
Glad to meet everyone, especially all of the new cruisers on the board.


<HTML>Hi! Debe & Loren from (usually) sunny San Antonio, Texas!

We love to cruise, have been on 6 now, and pray there are many more to come!

Loren is retired AF, now working as a Microsoft Engineer, and I am a nurse.

We have a house full of kids (only 3 left at home now) and they enjoy crusing as well.

Welcome to the best board on the internet!!! :)</HTML>


<HTML>Judi and Mike from Central Joisey, just outside of Trenton.

I'm a FileMaker Pro Database Administrator and Michael is a Electronics Engineer.

I've been on 23 cruises on 11 different lines...17 of which were with Michael!

We have two cruises booked....October 20th Zenith to Bermuda and May 6th Volendam to Alaska.

We're doing Bermuda (our FAVORITE destination) again next year, and looking at the Mexican Riviera and/or Canada New England cruises for 2003! :]

~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>


<HTML>Jacki and Mike from sunny Southern California. We have been on 17 cruises since 1991 including Alaska and the Panama Canal twice. We work together owning and operating a construction company. Last year we bid on and won 4 cruises through Egghead. This year we are sticking close to home and don't have a cruise planned until January 2002 on the last voyage of the Viking Serenade.

So many cruises.
So little time.</HTML>


<HTML>Carole and John here. We live in Freeport, Texas.
Have been on three cruises -
He has three kids (grown, married and w/ children).
I have two. Ashley 14 years - who like to read the board all the time and posts occasionally, here and at cruisemates.com
Michael, who is 16 today, who reads the board too, but posts less than Ashley.
Four dogs - Two great danes and two miniature pinschers.


<HTML>ChrisC here from Ohio. Been on 5 cruises in the last 3 years and hoping to catch up with JackiD. Welcome aboard.</HTML>


<HTML>Jeff & Jacki, from sunny Miami! We've been on 40+ cruises, on a dozen+ lines, over the years. Other than cruising, love to snorkel in the Keys.
Found this board last February, and have been a 'regular,' since...
Welcome to all our newly found friends....
:wave :newbie :wave</HTML>

Donna - dsw

<HTML>Donna - dsw and hubby Jim from Amherst, Ohio - right on Lake Erie.

Got married on the American Hawaiian cruise in 1994.

3/2000 Celebration out of New Orleans - Western Caribbean
6/2001 Carnival Spirit to Alaska
11/18 RCCL Sovereign of the Seas - taking my parents for Thanksgiving and then going to visit Mickey!

I am Administrative Assistant for the Respiratory Engineering Department at Invacare Corp. A major medical manufacturing firm. Been here 15 years now.

Hubby retired from Ford Motor Company. He plays golf and cleans house. Hey, I will work as long as he keeps cleaning. lol

Hope to have at least one cruise a year from here on.


Gayle V

<HTML>Hello all Newbies, Welcome to the best cruise board around. The day John started this page up it seemed to hit the ground running and has been going great ever since. We are all very grateful for this great place to call home. BTW I'm Gayle and hubby is Vic. We're from the Cleveland, Ohio area and have five cruises under our belts, with two more in the countdown stage. Only 37 days until the Golden Princess, Oct 13 and only 122 days until the Carnival Victory, January 6. Happy cruising all.</HTML>


<HTML>Sherry and John from the Gulf Coast of Alabama. We've lived here 6 years since we moved from the suburbs of Chicago where we were both born and raised. I know what you mean, Einstein, about being a "damn yankee". I don't think the Civil War ever ended down here - LOL.

We are taking our third cruise this December on the Grandeur of the Seas Circle the Caribbean itinerary. Our first cruise was in 1999 on the Grand Princess and we've become hooked ever since. We started with a 7 night, went to a 10 night, and now we are going on an 11 night. Sometimes I think I'm always waiting for a cruise to get here because we book our next cruise as soon as we return from one. I love reading this board every day, just don't post too much. I've learned so much and gotten so many wonderful tips.</HTML>



Mostly a daily lurker here, but wanted to welcome all the newbies.

Carolyn and husband Robert built and live in a logcabin on the hill in Maryland. Hubby is a VP in construction, and we have a teenage daughter going on 25. Enjoyed one cruise as a family and looking forward to celebrating our 20th in the Spring of 2002 on a cruise in the Western Caribbean.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi :newbie and :wave welcome to our cruise community were we :clown :jester around a lot but take our cruising very seriously and :help each other.

My name is Denise and I live in VA and work in DC for Uncle Sam. Hubby Bill and are will set-sail for our 6th cruise in 30 days aboard Celebrity Century (our first time on Celebrity). We have two others booked....the Cruise-Addict's Bermuda Adventure next May and Carnival Spirit to Hawaii Oct. 2002. We are indeed addicted!

We have three grown daughters, 4 grandchildren and up until recently were empty nesters (my niece, a recent college grad is living with us until she finds an apartment in DC).

So, welcome and look forward to getting to know you all a bit better!

DeniseZ B)</HTML>


<HTML>Hi we're Dave and Cookie from Baltimore, Ohio (southcentral) and we have been on 6 or 7 cruises I have to ask my wife. I am a soon to be retired pipefitter and my wife is a registered nurse. We are sailing on the NCL Sun Monday so we are excited and ready to go. Glad to meet everyone</HTML>