Lets Introduce ourselves!



<HTML>Hi! Lisa here from Greenfield, Wisconsin - a suburb of Milwaukee and the birthplace of the late, great Alan Kulwicki. I am a nurse and have been on 5 cruises and lookiing forward to number 6. My "child" is my five year old black lab Gusto. I am also one of the original posters here at Cruise @ddicts.</HTML>


<HTML>Hello, we are Sally and Phil and we are TRUE cruise addicts having attended the west coast cruiseaddict meeting in the early spring. We met other addicts and had a great visit. We have sailed on our 14th cruise last July for our 39th anniversary on a Princess Cruise/Tour of the Italian Lakes and Bavarian Countrysides and then a 10 day Baltic Cruise. We booked another yet to be decided cruise while still on board..........so we are still deciding when and where to go in 2002! Phil is a retired school administrator and I am still consulting as a home economist, currently working on the LA County Fair!!!!!!!!!!!! I read twice a day on the board and have been here since Jan. of this year!!!!!!!!!! Smooth Sailing everyone..............</HTML>

Ellen M

<HTML>Tim and Ellen Messenger from Marion,Oh. Almost exactly in the middle of the state. 4th cruise will be on the Vision on Oct 21st. Planning stage on cruise for next Nov for the Western Caribbean, possibly on the Granduer. Hopefully will be up there with some of you guys. Oh,to be on the Sea!!!</HTML>


<HTML>Hello from Laurie and Tony.We are from CT.We will be on our lucky #13 cruise on 10/14/01 aboard the Millie.

Laurie :wave</HTML>

Aussie Traveller


I'm Glenn (Aussie Traveller) from Sydney Australia.....as Toto mention way up the top of this thread, I will be joining them on an upcoming cruise on Millennium (11/4)....this is my first cruise in the Caribbean so its all new for me.......this is a great crew of people on the board, so much good info and friendly chat......I'm addicted !!!



<HTML>A big Canadian (born American-NJ) hello from Montreal! Hubbie and I love to cruise - especially Transatlantic- last one on Millie in April 01. Nothing planned right now - we are both busy working. Hope to do Hawaii next, or Orient, or South America!
Welcome all newbies and happy sailing!</HTML>



Oh Darn.....we'll miss you by one week....we'll be getting ON the Zenith as you're getting OFF! :(

Please leave something in the bars for us! :]

~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>

Melinda Kazmer

<HTML>Bob and Melinda Kazmer from Naples Fl for the past almost 8 years - formerly from the Chicago area (Barrington) and I am a native of Lafayette and Indianapolis, IN. We began cruising in 1987 and have been addicted ever since. Living in FL close to the ports of Ft Lauderdale and Miami is wonderful - just drive over and get on the ship. We love living in Naples - one of the most beautiful towns in FL - as far south as you can go (almost) on the west coast of FL.

Our next cruise is the Zenith repositioning cruise on October 27th - we will be getting ON, Judi, when you are getting off - it is two cruises back to back - NYC to Barbados and Barbados to Tampa - 15 glourious days!!! Can't wait - I love this board - read it every day - post from time to time - It's a very informative and friendly place to hang out!</HTML>

Jamman and Patti

<HTML>We're from Somerset New Jersey, which is about halfway between NYC and Philadelphia. I'm a Production Scheduling Supervisor for a steel mill, and Patti is a Teacher in New Brunswick. I have been on 19 cruises on 5 different lines (mostly Carnival), and Patti has been on 6 cruises. Our last cruise was in July to Bermuda on the Zenith, and at this time we're not booked on another. Yet!! :D I'm also the keeper of the Cruisers Albums, which you can visit by clicking on the link below.

Happy Cruising!!


Jamman's Cruise Albums</HTML>


<HTML>My wife Nancy and I went on our first cruise on the Sovereign of the Seas in 1990 to celebrate our 40th birthdays and 15th anniversary. We thought it would be a once in a lifetime vacation and we enjoyed it so much that we found the money to do 19 others in the last eleven years. We absolutely love cruising and are looking forward to our next one on the Adventure of the Seas in December.

We live in Louisville, Kentucky and have a 25 year old son training to be an airline pilot. Can't wait for the free travel! I sell industrial equipment and my wife just retired from teaching. I have been a regular lurker, and infrequent poster, for over a year so I feel that I know many of you. I love coming to the site each day.</HTML>


<HTML>Hi all! A late contribution to this thread from beautiful East Texas. I am an independent oil and natural gas producer and my wife teaches kindergarten. We went on our first cruise for our 20th anniversary (Nordic Empress, Bahamas) and our second this year for our 25th (Century, Western Caribbean). We have booked a New Year's cruise on the Celebration with our college-age daughters. Love to read & lurk on this board!</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Y'a;ll!

I'm Jaime, reporting from Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia!! I can't believe I'm the only West Virginian cruising!

I actually live in the eastern Panhandle of the stae, about an hour from the Metro DC area, which makes it really nice getting to any of the 3 major airports for great airfares (BWI, National, or Dulles!)

My hubby commutes into Herndon, Virginia, where he's a Senior Network Engineer, and we have 3 kids 13, 15, and 17, along with the 2 pugs, Angel 2 years, and Seraphim, 10 weeks!

I've been on 4 cruises, all with Celebrity, and will be going on number 5 in a year, trying Princess for the first time! I can't wait for something new!!

Take Care, All!


<HTML>Hi there. Harold and Teresa checking in from Hickory, North Carolina. We are in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina (a very short drive to the Blue Ridge Parkway). On Oct 1st we will be boarding the Summit for our 7th cruise. I am a legal secretary (work to travel), and my husband works in a vinyl manufacturing plant. We have a son who is married and a daughter who is presently in her first year at North Carolina State Veterinary College. I really have learned a lot from this board and enjoy checking it often.</HTML>


<HTML>Looks like I'm the first one from Michigan to check in. I'm Denny and my wife is Paula. I'm retired from the State Police and now work as an investigator for the state medical boards. Paula is an administrative assistant in the trust department of a bank. We went on our first cruise in 1988, when I won it as first prize in a pistol match. We were hooked. We have now been on 6 cruises on 4 lines. Number 7 will be a 10 day to Hawaii on Vision of the Seas in February 2002. Numbers 8 and 9 may be back to back on Princess in 2003. Snorkeling is our thing and try to go in almost every port. When we're done, Paula buys jewelry.</HTML>


<HTML>Hello everyone, Rocky reporting in from Temple Terrace, Florida (next-door to Tampa) I have been on 6 cruises so far with # 7 in twenty days and # 8 in Nov.2002. My wife Michelle has been on 2 so far and we also honeymooned on the Dawn Princess as some earlier poster had.
We were also paer of the RSMC festivities in Ft Lauderdale back in Feb, but alas were not able to to go onboard, (no one had room in their luggage) .
We have a son who is going on his first one here in 20 days and a worthless cat who isn't going. Been a part of this board since July or August 99 also.
Great place to come to, keep up the good work John and Ingrid</HTML>


<HTML>Hi everyone, Tim and Brenda from Okeene, Oklahoma. We have 3 grown, married daughters and 6 grandchildren. We just celebrated our 35th Anniversary , Sept.3rd and we're taking our lst cruise on the Explorer this Sat. We can hardly wait!!</HTML>

Princess Pat

<HTML>Welcome newbies! I'm Pat from Atlanta, GA, and someone gave me the Princess prefix before a group of us moved over to this board in July, 1999. It's because we always cruise on Princess--it's just a personality, character thing that I don't want to mess around with until my husband has more than two weeks available to cruise each year. This way we know what to expect, and yet we've had a few surprises anyway--like, no ship twice. We're shopping for our 10th two-week cruise.</HTML>


<HTML>BSeaBob.. from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia (BC get it?? lol) Canada. Been around the board since the start and cruise as often as budget allows. RCL Celebrity and HAL in the past. Always threaten to go on a Board Cruise but we geenerally are forced to do two weeks because of flt expense out of Vancouver. Plus I'm not going that far for just a week. Unless we win the lottery of course. Been away for JUL and Aug. Which we like to do every year. Welcome aboard all you new guys.. join in.</HTML>

Paul B

<HTML>Paul and Peggy from San Antonio, Texas. We have two children, one in Florida and the other in California, and one grandchild. We are both retired and have been cruising since 1993. Fourteen thus far and two more scheduled.

Paul B</HTML>


<HTML>Hi Everyone!

I am still a virgin cruiser (we have booked our first for Summit in March 02 for our 30th anniversary) so am intrigued by all the information which you seasoned cruisers post. I am new to the site (a couple of weeks) but am hopelessly addicted!

We live in mid England not far from Cambridge and I'm currently on a full time language course and should be studying instead of reading all the latest news on the site.

One thing I will emphasise is the friendliness of the people on the site who always seem ready to help. Maybe we'll meet up on the high seas!

Mac H</HTML>