Lido Deck Cabins on Diamond Princess


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I'd like pros and cons of these cabins from anyone who has sailed in one. Was the location handy? Did you experience noise from pool area? From music? From the outdoor movie? Was there a lot of traffic in the hallway from passengers going to and from the pool via the forward elevators? Is there good separation between pool area and cabins? Was there a double set of doors between pool/food area and cabins? Was there anything different about the interior of BA cabins on Lido and the BAs on other decks? Anything you can tell me about these cabins will be helpful. Thank you.


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Hi Bernie and welcome to cruise @ddicts :spyglass:

I don't have an answer to your question because I always prefer cabins on decks with no public areas. I would think that cabins on decks with no public areas would have less noise and foot traffic.

If I were going to pick a cabin on Lido deck on the Diamond Princess I would pick one as far forward as possible becauase there will be a lot of noisy foot traffic coming on and off the forward lifts.