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Life boat drills

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by earl_m, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. earl_m

    earl_m Social Host

    We just came from The Veendam. second time now that we didn`t have to bring our life jackets with us to our Mustard station. I am not sure if I agree with that . I know it very Comfortable not wearing the vest but in an emergency, it would be good to know how to put one on,
    Maybe more than half the people were not watching the officer
    showing how to put a life vest on.
  2. Keith & Rita

    Keith & Rita Well-Known Member

    We think after a number of cruises under your belts you should know how to put on a life jacket. For first time cruisers or boaters, it is something you do need to know.
  3. Beryl

    Beryl Trivia Specialist

    While I had no issues with not taking my life vest to the Muster Drill I was horrified that no crew member demonstrated the proper way to put one on and no one suggested that we check to make sure that they were in our cabins. No one pointed out that there were instructions in the cabins in the wearing of a life vest and that we should review them! No one suggested that it might be a good idea to find ways to your Muster Station from different areas of the ship and no one took a roll call (which was taken on other HAL cruises I have taken). There was, in fact, no safety instruction whatsoever!! What should have been an informative safety briefing was a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

    Having a "number of cruises under your belt" is no excuse not to demonstrate how a life vest is to be put on. Safety drills are in place for a reason....to educate those that don't know and to act as a refresher for everyone who has had the information imparted to them in the past!!

    At our station at least, this Muster Drill was a farce!
  4. earl_m

    earl_m Social Host

    Your right!! there was no attendance taken and no instructions on how to put your life vest on. they told us watch the demo on TV in your cabin. It was a waste of time. Next time I will know better

  5. Mbandy

    Mbandy Well-Known Member

    It is just another example of the "dumbing down" of cruising. I agree that life jackets should be worn at the muster drill. But the cruise lines give in to the people who whine and complain. They would be the first ones to sue if something went wrong during an emergency.

    OK, off my soap box. I like the muster drill. Just means the wait is over and it's time to go cruising :beach:
  6. BSeabob

    BSeabob Reinststed due to good behavior-Subject to change Staff Member

    On HAL a few weeks ago. We did drill w/o jackets. but we mustered and we got lectured. The attendance taking is a waste of time for everyone. Either you are there or you are not. Putting on a Jacket was demonstrated by staff member as was explained on PA. to all.

    I like not taking the jackets.

    If not knowing how to put on a jacket slows up a few hundred folks that's fine with me I'll be where I should be first. It will be such a cluster ........ that it won't matter anyhow if something really bad happens on one of those monsters.
  7. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    I like not taking the jackets, but I did notice there were no instructions on the Veendam
  8. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    I like not having to wear my lifejacket to the drill. Have seen too many people trip on the cords that others have left drag on the floor as they are to and from the drill.

    On our cruises on the Ryndam in Ocotber and Nieuw Amsterdam in Nov/Dec -- attendance was not taken -- we were shown how to put on the jackets.

    On our recent Amsterdam cruise -- attendance WAS taken -- and those that didn't show up had to report the next morning at 10 AM for the make-up drill at lifeboat #1. Again the proper way to wear a life jacket was shown.
  9. dougfw

    dougfw Well-Known Member

    Mustard Drills are governed by the local Coast Guard rules-whatever they say, goes. IMHO, Mustard Drills should be mandatory (with specific life jacket wearing instructions) but without having to wear said life jackets to the actual drill. I've yet to see anyone fall in the water before, during or after a Mustard Drill. Then again, I've never sailed on Carnival ;)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2011
  10. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    I have seen people trip on the cords as the jackets were being "dragged" out to the lifeboat drill.

    One person even boke their leg.

    One time I nearly fell as I couldn't see that the person in front of me had their cords dragging on the deck.

    I have never sailed on Carnival -- don't know anything about them.
  11. Mbandy

    Mbandy Well-Known Member

    Didn't have to bring the jackets to the muster drill on Carnival Victory last September.
  12. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    I think the idea of not taking the life jackets to the drill is spreading throughout the industry.
  13. earl_m

    earl_m Social Host

    I think you should at least bring your Life jacket to the drill!!
  14. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    Trouble is everyone will let the straps drag on the ground -- more accidents.

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