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Liquor confiscated?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Karry, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    Cool-I will be a first timer in Feb- dont know all the names of ships yet!!- how and what did you carry on??
  2. ZoesDad

    ZoesDad Guest

    Again, the issue is why would you want to sneak it on board? If you can afford to go on a cruise, you should be able to afford to pay for your drinks. If it's a bottle of something unique to take home as a gift, then it doesn't matter if the ship holds it for you, so we all know we're talking about drinking it yourself. You want a drink in your cabin? Get one and take it there. You want to bring your own wine for dinner? They will store it for you and serve it for you. The only reasons for sneaking it on board are: not wanting to pay the price at the bars (i.e., being cheap), or the thrill of doing something against the rule (i.e., being juvenile), or desperately needing to have your own stash (i.e., probably alcoholic). None of these are good reasons. Of course the policy is all about money -- getting more from us, and avoiding liability (i.e., not having to give it back to us). It is what it is, folks. It's their boat, they can run it the way they like. Don't like it? Do something else for your vacation. Wanna get totally plastered in public? Go to Vegas. I've dealt with too many drunken idiots on board to have much patience with this kind of thing. Sorry, but the "sneakers" need to grow up.
  3. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    holly smoke - youve got serious issues!!!!!!!!!- I'll just let you pay for all my boooooze.
  4. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    Us too we leave 2/12/07 out of galveston - has any one had success in the last few weeks.
  5. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    ZoesDad there is another reason......the wine lists are awful!!!!!

    Welcome since I see your new. We love all our members and welcome everyones opinion but please be pleasant.
  6. tigirl1989

    tigirl1989 Guest

    Welcome ZoesDad!!! I have to agree w/ SailingRose w/ everthing she said :)

    After reading your post sounds like a drink might help :)
  7. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    Well then -lets get back to the question - Has anyone had recent success- in the last month or so????? If so how ???
  8. rdlouhy

    rdlouhy Guest

    [quote cubita0216]Well then -lets get back to the question - Has anyone had recent success- in the last month or so????? If so how ???[/quote]
    You can't answers on this board.People just chat.
  9. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Wish I could help but I haven't cruised on RCI since August. We took some aboard in July and August in our carry on and no one stopped us, but things change all the time.

    rdlouhy we do answer questions when we have answers.
  10. Roland

    Roland Guest

    [quote sailingrose]
    rdlouhy we do answer questions when we have answers.[/quote]

    Exactely. And when we get strange questions, we give strange answers!
  11. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    thanks - was not looking for exact methods - was just wondering if anyone has had success with carried on or check in licquor in the last couple of months.
  12. knb0504

    knb0504 Guest

    I sailed on the Mariner of the Seas in October 2006 and they had changed their policies alot from past cruises I've had on RCCL. The Mariner lost a passenger a few months before I cruised so I'm not sure if they were tighter than other ships or not. On our cruise in 2005 we had a passenger who was 17 who was able to get alcohol with no problem. This year however we had someone who was 20 and they actually had it taken away from then at dinner one night so they are actually checking now.
  13. cubita0216

    cubita0216 Guest

    Well I guess its just not worth the risk.
  14. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    NO liquor whatsoever is allowed and YES I do know of folks that have gotten some onboard and others who have had it confiscated. Its basically the LUCK of the draw as to whether U get caught or NOT. =shrug

    After a LONG conversation with a RCCL Cust Serv Rep in June of 2006 in regards to the Wine / Champagne it was explained to US that we could carry on 3 bottles of champagne or wine that was NOT on their serving list on the ship. Best advise would be to get it in writing so U have proof as we did. :)

    In our case we knew we were safe with the Boone's Farm and the Andre's. :grin Sorry but figured this thread could use some lightening up with a bit of humour. :thumb The reasons for the tightening of the belt in regards to liquor will vary depending on whom we ask.

    IMO it falls right in the same hat with the charging for soda and ice cream on cruise ships NOW. Of course any of US Grey Beards also probably remember the days when a LARGE portion of the Bingo kitty was returned to the PAXS, and soda & ice cream were FREE. :lol Liability NOT as it is ALL about the Almighty GreenBack $$$.

    If it was about liability then we would ALL be cruising on dry ships and sippin something NON Alcoholic in nature. Besides ... in the end we ALL know that any decent lawyer will find the smallest chink possible if need be in those words of fine print if they are given the chance.=shrug.

  15. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    :lol Excellent E! OMG Boone's Farm!

    Yes, you can get it on some of the ships some of the time.
  16. smw0621

    smw0621 Guest

    I know of some people who have been able to get it on board. They put it in a soda bottle and packed it in with their luggage and had no problem. I guess it's a 50/50 shot.
  17. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Many Thanks for your post Einstein :)
  18. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    It's all the luck of the draw. Back in September, I packed it in my suitcase with no problem on the Empress. We had some in our group walk onboard with it in their carryon. I was on Princess in December and packed it in my suitcase with no problem.

    Thing is.. If they want to confiscate it fine. I just bring it for convienance of having something in the cabin. It has nothing to do with cost, and I don't bring a big ole' bottle (unless it's for a "tea" party ;) ). It's a chance I take.

    On the note about 20 year olds, they have changed the policy for drinking to be 21 and up. The days for punching a card for beer and wine are over.
  19. johnnyo

    johnnyo Guest

    I have been on 5 RCI cruises over the past 5 years. I have always had a bottle in my suitcase. I have never had an issue.
  20. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    Stuff them in dirty socks.

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