Liquor purchased onboard



To anyone who has already sailed on an Alaskan cruise via NCL:

I saw at a website that NCL sells liquors, the kind I like and can't find here, Cruzan flavoured rums. But this website was about a Hawaiian cruise and I found them initially on my Bahamian cruise. Is this a tropical offering or will I find them on Alaskan cruises as well? If so, I need to bring extra cash. :) Anyone buy any liquor on an Alaskan cruise and recall this brand? They cost 8$ on my cruise and sell for 12$ at my supermarket. So you see, quite a savings.




It seems like each line has it's own policy as far as buying booze on board and taking it to your cabin. Some have no problem you buy it take it to your cabin. Others put a surcharge on it if you take it with you. Others will not let you have it till you disembark.

I haven't been on NCL, so I can't help you there,, might try on the NCL boards.