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Ok expert cruisers. I need your help. Please list one short and simple (if you can) tip for making my cruise on VOS during Thanksgiving more smooth. I am compiling a list of must know and haves before leaving. Thanks for all your help.

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Go with your children to the kid's club orientation. They will have a lot more fun on the cruise if they make new friends right away. My son loved it! Take advantage of the kid's dinners with the counselors. They have a blast and you can enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other. Have FUN!


Go a day early. Traveling the day of embarkation is tiring, So much nicer to start your cruise refreshed. Plus it gives you an extra day incase of delays. We always travel this way now. Boy I wish I had found this board before my 1st couple of cruises... :)


Pack more shorts and tops than dressy wear. I found that I could wear most of my dressy stuff twice, but once you went ashore the dust and dirt just seems to cling to everything. We ended up using the laundry services which were great, and not to pricey.Also at your first stop pick up a fun funky hat! For some reason it just frees the mind and soul. :) I will give you a tip that a very nice gentleman gave me on the way to my first cruise (his 36th). "Dont worry about what you wear, what you do, or what you say, as long as you are kind nothing else matters." Go, have a great time, and be a little silly!


The one thing I've found to make a difference on all of my cruises is after most everyone has turned in for the night usually about 12:30 or 1 AM, take a walk out on deck by yourself. You'll be all alone up there for the most part. Look over the railing and look down to watch the water being pushed aside. Make a complete circle start from the back or front, and end where you started.

This is what helps to relax me.


1. Pack 1/2 the clothes & 2x the money

2. pack a great attitude & lots of patience for the passangers who forgot theirs.

3. bring an insulated mug for larger versions of the included beverages so you don't have to get up while you are by the pool

4. sun screen & a hat

5. parcel out your tips & seal them in envelopes before you leave home so the money is available & you don't have to fuss with it the last night



One Tip----- Enjoy the moment.
It will be a rare and special time to remember forever. As they say
" A cruise of a lifetime."


I am not an expert, but after more than a few's my list for you.

1, RELAX you are on holiday.
2. pack light weight clothing....and things that you can interchange
3.pack 3 bathing suits for a 7 day cruise unless you enjoy pulling yourself into a wet suit!! ;-)
4. take large zip lock backs for wet suits, last minute things
5. lots of sunscreen and several books
and lastly remeber to laugh at the small stuff!


1) If you and your husband share a bed, it'll be made from 2 twins shoved together. One side of ours was against the bulkhead. If you do this, the person with the weak bladder HAS to sleep on the outside ;)

2)I second the idea about moonlit walks on the deck. Very very romantic. We had a whale following our ship and we were the only ones who saw it.

3) Don't diet. Try everything! The food will be very different from what you get at home, so enjoy it!!

4) If you're in a cabin without a window that opens, get a fan. We were sailing to Ensenada in July and found the room stuffy and close without one. They couldn't adjust the air conditioning to suit us (basically you get two choices: stuffy and stuffier). You arent' supposed to use too many small appliances like that because I guess too many would drain the ship's generator. We snuck ours aboard in San Diego and never regretted it.

5. Get a fridge if you can. You can keep water and sodas there, nice and cold.


Don't go with cruise brochure expectations, nothing is ever that good. Don't sweat the little things, your cruise experience will be whatever you choose it to be. You only get to get this cruise right one time.

Have a great time.


I take baggies to take stuff from the buffet to take onshore. (not all ports allow this) and especially on the last day when my flight is sooo long away. Ever price airport dining?

I also take an insulated coffee mug. those cups they give you on the ship are only so big.

Make sure you see the Ice skating show at least once, See Quest (dont ask--just go)
See a parade at least one. (there will be two)


n ocassion we have just ordered sandwiches etc., from Room Service and taken that along with us as my DH is a very picky eater. I, like you, take baggies and tin foil for this purpose. I also take a plastic pitcher with a lid and have crystal light lemonade in our cabin at all DH and DS take a large container of nuts for late night munchies. ;-)


See Quest?


Participate in Quest. (Voyager class ships for sure, not sure about others)


Don' t ask. Just do it!


What is Quest? I was on EOS last year and don't recal anything by this name... Going on NOS in a few months, and might want to look into this...


The positive attitude (and patience) tips are key. We increasingly grew impatient with crowds and rude passengers on our last cruise and it seriously impacted our enjoyment. Toward the end of the week, we actually were anxious to go home, which is NOT what you want from a cruise vacation. And we have only ourselves to blame, because it didn't have to be that way.