List 1 of your BEST CRUISE TIPs

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I want to know more about Quest and duct tape...come on people spill the secrets.


Only one? I can't do it. People have already mentioned some good ones, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Pick up an over-the-door shoe holder to keep "little stuff" organized in your room. It'll keep your cell phone, sunscreen, make-up, children's crayons, extra batteries, etc., etc., etc. picked up and visible.

2. Schedule your shore excursions ahead of time via phone or internet. Even if the best choices are left when you board, you'll waste valuable cruise time waiting in line. Don't be afraid to look past the official cruise options; the internet is your friend -- you can probably find less expensive options that won't leave you feeling like you've spent your day herded like cattle.

3. Make a magnetic sign to identify your cabin door. This is especially good if you have children who are just old enough to come and go on thier own a bit -- it's a bit of insurance that they'll find their own door on that long hallway.

4. Serene56, I'm going to disagree with you on one of your details. It's a great idea to bring along ziplocks so you can take things from the buffet (or room service) into ports. BUT do not try to bring them back into the US at the end of your cruise! The US customs officials will search your bags as you enter the US, and they can fine you 50,000 for EACH food item you bring back into the US. (It's written in your cruise info, and there are signs as you leave the ship.) They could literally fine you for bringing half a cup of coffee leftover from your breakfast. They are most fussy about fresh fruit and prepared food (such as deli-type cookies or sandwiches). If you have sealed, factory-packaged food (such as packs of crackers or peanuts that you didn't open during the cruise) that can be brought back. This is NOT something you want to risk.


Bring plenty of singles $$$. :) Tips for room service, the airport porters, the porters at the cruise ship pier. They do come in handy.

If you choose to do your tips on your own instead of having them billed to your SeaPass account you can do them ahead of time at home, pack them in your carry on and then put them in the safe once you board the ship. You'll have them all ready on the last night of the cruise when it's time for the tips to be given out.


I'm not personally acquainted with the reasons to bring duct (DUCK) tape, but I read once that sometimes when the ship is rocking, and you are trying to sleep, that darn drawer will be loose and duct tape will keep it close and allow you to sleep. Also, sometimes your luggage can rip and that darn tape can save the day. I am sure there are many more reasons...


We always bring a power strip to plug in various items (shaver, hairdryer, camera battery charger, etc.) as sometimes the outlets in the cabins are not located in convenient spots where those bulky plugs will fit.............


- Bring lots of $1 for tipping on your excursions.
- Bring a few old beach towels for your excursions, RC issues each person one RC lounge towel per cabin, which you have to account for at the end of the cruise or your charged big bucks.
- Clip on credit-card style holder or a lanyard to hold your cruise card in if you don't have pockets, especially when you are going to the pool.
- The Quest is an adult version of a scavenger hunt. You form teams and are assigned a number. Wear comfortable shoes and a willingness to participate. Lots of fun to participate or watch. Get there early for a good seat. If you form a team make sure you have both men and women on your team, you'll need both.




Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

(That goes double for the hardworking crew members)


I agree with the $1bills. Great for tips.
A nightlight
A candle, makes the rooms smell pretty.:thumb
A hook that goes over your door to hang you bathing suits from.
A smile and awesome attitude. Don't worry if you have to pay a few bucks for a burger. Enjoy:cheers

I also learned my lesson on the shoe thing. :lol


Islander, we can't bring irons because of the fire hazard, so I am sure you are going to hear something about bringing candles. I am sure it's a big NO NO!!!


An alarm clock is nice too, although ours gained time throughout the cruise and we stopped using it. There is not clock in the room...although channel 41 and 42 play music and show the time. Keep the remote close and you can turn it on in the middle of the night...unless you are like my wife...blind!

My wife looked at me like I was crazy when I packed the duct tape...came in handy twice though. The first time was when somebody sealed the gratuity envelopes with just the cash and not the vouchers...I used it to reseal their mistake! Then a couple at our table needed something to ensure that their liquor boxes stayed closed...and who saved the night and their marriage?! Me and my duct tape!



Some things I found handy..

1 - A travel clock - they don't provide one. Works as a night light too.

2 - Shipping tape instead of duct tape - the Tearable kind can be used for all sorts of things without the sticky glue residue.

3 - Glade Plug-ins. You don't have to watch them like candles. Everytime you enter your cabin it will smell good.

4 - Clorox Cleanup wipes - Good to use to disinfect bathrooms, doors etc.. Just to be on the safe side.


i like the plug in ideas i never thought of that . the one complaint mydaughter had about our cruises was the stuffiness in the rooms because of no windows with a familly of four or five if my older daughter comes with us it gets very stuffy . although i always sleep so good on the ship .


Never use the phone on the ship to call home. A call under 10 min. cost my cousin $71.
That's more than some excursions!!!


I sure hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday cruise. We've just returned Sunday from the Carnival Conquest and these are some really good things that posters on this board and others told me to bring and I am sure glad I brought them. Waterproof bandaids or NUSkin for Blisters

Bungee cords various sizes: I used the little ones to keep curtains from getting
tangled in the balcony door, big ones to keep luggage together

ID YOUR LUGGAGE: YOU CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MANY BLACK AND RED BAGS THERE ARE, PUT A BANDANA/COLORED DUCT TAPE ON HANDLES, ANYTHING. There was mass chaos at the baggage claim area with everyone looking at bags, pulling bags out and trying to roll them down really tiny narrow walkways, trying to get around people. You ended up just picking up the bag and mine
were very heavy.

Plastic suction cup hooks, they worked great to stick in the bathroom as well as the cabin walls for hats, bath scrubbies, wet bathing suits

Antibacterial hand sanitizer, you touch handrails, buffet utensils, elevator buttons,etc.,
and hubby and I still came down with a sore throat and cough. I went to Sam's and
bought a large pump bottle of GermX, then put it into smaller toiletry bottles for each
one of us to carry. Also had hand wipes.

Febreeze, air freshner, plug-ins, whatever you choose, but those bathrooms in the cabins smell, I guess because they don't have a lot of water in them like ours at home.
I was sure glad I brought some air freshner and clorox wipes.

Stretchy cords from the CASINO, to carry your sail and sign cards on: The cashier will give you up to 2 per person FREE, and will punch a hole in your s&s card. I did this and made a large necklace that was easy to see and convenient to use.


i have a great tip , buy two rolls of yarn in your favorite colors and make puffs out them with several frindges.and tie them to your luggage so you can find your luggage at the port. yours will than be easy to can also use brightly colored ribbons curling ribbons would do the same tied in big bows. just call me martha stewart


kdlisa, when you say get the cords from the casino, do you mean the casino on board the ship? So, I can get on the Monarch, and get cords from them, do to this with? Great idea!